Bitget Unites with Turkey’s National Athletes in #MakeItCount Campaign, Showcasing Perseverance and Passion

  • Bitget, a leading global cryptocurrency platform and Web3 company, has announced the participation of notable Turkish national athletes Buse Tosun Çavuşoğlu, Samet Gümüş, and İlkin Aydın in its #MakeItCount campaign.
  • This campaign, which initially launched in 2022 with Lionel Messi, underscores Bitget’s commitment to inspire its users in Turkey through newly established partnerships in the sports domain.
  • According to Vugar Usi Zade, COO of Bitget, the collaboration reflects the athletes’ dedication and perseverance, and mirrors Bitget’s mission to create a lasting impact by encouraging users to push their limits.

Discover how Bitget’s strategic partnerships with Turkish athletes are inspiring financial freedom and resilience, driving significant user growth in the crypto space.

Bitget’s Collaboration with Prominent Turkish Athletes

Bitget’s partnership with athletes Buse Tosun Çavuşoğlu, Samet Gümüş, and İlkin Aydın forms part of the broader #MakeItCount campaign, initiated in 2022 with football legend Lionel Messi. These athletes play a pivotal role in embodying the campaign’s core values of determination and positivity.

Key Attributes of the Participating Athletes

Buse Tosun Çavuşoğlu is an acclaimed European and World Champion wrestler whose career is a testament to hard work and sportsmanship. Samet Gümüş, a two-time European Champion in flyweight boxing, is known for his relentless passion, serving as an inspirational figure for the younger generation. İlkin Aydın, a dynamic force in Turkey’s Women Volleyball team, showcases her extraordinary talent and dexterity, epitomizing the belief that “No Progress is Too Small.”

Bitget’s Growth in the Turkish Crypto Market

The Turkish crypto market has experienced rapid growth, and Bitget has mirrored this trend with significant expansions in late 2023. The platform has seen over 70% growth in new registrations, alongside more than 270% increase in total trading volume, and a 240% rise in net deposit amounts, reflecting the surge in user engagement and investment activity.

Expanding Global Partnerships and Influence

Since its inception in 2021, Bitget has formed numerous high-profile partnerships with sports entities and athletes worldwide. From prestigious Italian football clubs to esports giants, and of course, Lionel Messi, Bitget continues to build a network of esteemed partners aimed at fostering trust, transparency, and widespread adoption of cryptocurrency technologies.


Bitget’s #MakeItCount campaign featuring prominent Turkish athletes signifies the platform’s ongoing effort to inspire its users by forging connections between the world of sports and cryptocurrency. The impressive achievements and unwavering dedication of these athletes serve as a powerful metaphor for Bitget’s mission to encourage financial freedom and personal growth within the crypto community.

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