BitMEX Co-Founder Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Could Skyrocket to $1 Million Amid Weakening Yen

  • Arthur Hayes, co-founder of BitMEX, has recently shared a theory on the relationship between the U.S. dollar and the Japanese yen, and its potential impact on Bitcoin’s price.
  • Hayes suggests that addressing the weakening yen could significantly boost Bitcoin’s value.
  • “Bitcoin is the best-performing asset in the face of global fiat debasement, and they know it,” Hayes stated.

Arthur Hayes Predicts Bitcoin Could Reach $1 Million Amid Yen Weakness

Hayes’ Theory on Yen Weakness and Bitcoin Surge

In his latest newsletter titled “Easy Button,” Arthur Hayes, now the Chief Investment Officer of Maelstrom, argued that efforts to address the weakening of the Japanese yen could help push the price of Bitcoin upward. Hayes believes that the monetary policies of Japan, China, and the US play a crucial role in this dynamic. He explained that the Federal Reserve, using Treasury orders, can swap dollars for yen with Japan’s central bank to manipulate the exchange rate and avoid raising interest rates, which would otherwise harm the Bank of Japan.

The Role of the Bank of Japan and U.S. Treasury

According to Hayes, this mechanism allows the Bank of Japan to support its yen without having to sell U.S. Treasurys. This, in turn, helps the U.S. Treasury by preventing it from becoming a forced seller and maintaining low yields. Hayes emphasized that this strategy benefits both the Japanese and American economies by stabilizing their respective financial markets.

Economic Competition Between China and Japan

Hayes pointed out that economic competition between China and Japan, particularly in terms of exports, often hinges on pricing. A weaker yen could prompt China to devalue its yuan to maintain competitiveness, which would adversely affect American manufacturers and potentially lead to further outsourcing. Hayes also speculated that China could leverage its substantial gold reserves to back the yuan, thereby destabilizing financial institutions in the West.

Federal Reserve’s Potential Intervention

To counter these challenges, Hayes proposed a scenario where the Federal Reserve intervenes by printing U.S. dollars and exchanging them for yen. This would provide the Bank of Japan with the resources needed to stabilize the currency market while allowing China to continue its monetary expansion. Hayes argued that such a strategy could lead to the devaluation of the U.S. dollar. Coupled with Bitcoin’s rise, this could threaten the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.

Implications for Institutional Investors

If Hayes’ theory holds, institutional investors may turn to spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as a hedge against the decline of traditional fiat currencies. This shift could further propel Bitcoin’s price, potentially reaching the $1 million mark as Hayes predicts. The interplay between these global economic factors underscores the complex and interconnected nature of modern financial markets.


Arthur Hayes’ theory presents a compelling case for how the weakening yen could drive Bitcoin’s price to unprecedented heights. By examining the monetary policies of major economies and their potential impacts, Hayes offers valuable insights into the future of cryptocurrency markets. As institutional investors seek alternatives to traditional fiat currencies, Bitcoin stands to benefit significantly, potentially reshaping the global financial landscape.

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