BlockDAG (BDAG) Shines on CoinMarketCap, Surpassing Helium (HNT) and ApeCoin (APE) in London’s Piccadilly Circus Debut

BlockDAG Marks Its Debut on CoinMarketCap at London’s Iconic Piccadilly Circus, Outshining Helium and ApeCoin

BlockDAG (BDAG) has recently made its debut on CoinMarketCap, following a successful $24.9 million presale and the imminent release of the X1 miner app. This comes amidst the crypto market’s interest in Helium (HNT) and ApeCoin (APE).

BlockDAG’s innovative features and strategic moves are attracting significant investor interest, positioning it as a leading investment option in the crypto market.

Current Dynamics and Future Prospects for Helium

Despite recent price fluctuations, Helium (HNT) appears to have formed a stable support level. Overcoming immediate resistance at its 50-day and 200-day moving averages could set the stage for further gains. With a market capitalisation of approximately $860 million, a breakout above these levels could propel Helium towards the $8 mark and potentially up to $10.

Updates on ApeCoin: Introducing ApeChain

ApeCoin is evolving, collaborating with Caldera and Horizen Labs to introduce ApeChain, a Layer 3 solution built on Arbitrum Orbit. This initiative aims to boost ApeCoin’s presence in the gaming sector by offering low transaction costs and enhanced performance. Upcoming developments include Caldera’s Bridge Interface, a dedicated Block Explorer, and easier access through On/Off ramps, all backed by Arbitrum’s reliable Anytrust technology.

BlockDAG: Leading the Market with Exceptional Growth Prospects

BlockDAG’s recent presale has successfully amassed $24.9 million, reflecting robust confidence among investors. The anticipated launch of the X1 miner app on June 1 will enable users to efficiently mine BDAG coins using their smartphones, with potential earnings of up to 20 coins daily. The network’s compatibility with major cryptocurrencies like BTC, USDT, and SHIB simplifies investing for a broad audience. Market analysts project that BDAG could reach $30 by 2030.


While Helium and ApeCoin show potential, BlockDAG is the premier cryptocurrency. Its innovative X1 miner app, successful $24.9 million presale, and high profile appearance at Piccadilly Circus have solidified its status in the crypto world. With its advanced features, easy accessibility, and ambitious objectives, BlockDAG is the top pick for investors looking for the next major opportunity in cryptocurrency.

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