BlockDAG Presale Skyrockets 1000%, Targets $0.05 in Final Batch with $10 Price Prediction by 2025

  • Recently, the Polygon (MATIC) network achieved a remarkable milestone by attracting 10 million users.
  • However, the network is currently grappling with several challenges, including declining activity and reduced value metrics.
  • Meanwhile, BlockDAG’s presale is capturing the crypto community’s attention with extraordinary growth and ambitious projections.

Discover how Polygon’s user growth is juxtaposed with declining activity, and explore the rapid rise of BlockDAG’s presale with groundbreaking projections.

Polygon (MATIC) Sees User Growth But Faces Declining Network Activity

Polygon (MATIC) has seen noteworthy progress in user acquisition, recently surpassing the 10 million user mark. This significant user growth underlines the ecosystem’s robust appeal. However, the network faces a myriad of challenges, particularly evident in the declining decentralised exchange volumes and the total value locked (TVL). Once at a high of $1 billion, the TVL has now retreated to $942 million. This slip has resulted in discernible reductions in network fees and revenue, casting a shadow on the otherwise positive user growth metrics.

Challenges in Development and Network Stability

Further compounding these challenges is the concerning reduction in the number of code commits and core developers actively contributing to Polygon’s development. This trend signals potential hurdles in rolling out future updates and enhancements seamlessly. The network’s native token, MATIC, has mirrored these struggles, with its price dipping to $0.7062, translating to a 1.82% decline over the past month. This price movement is synchronised with diminishing transaction volumes and lower network growth, which are indicative of reduced interest from new addresses.

Uncertainty Looms Over ONDO Price Predictions

ONDO, after experiencing significant gains since breaking past a two-month range on May 23, now faces an uncertain forecast. Technically, ONDO exhibits support at $0.717 and resistance at $1.46. Despite the Relative Strength Index (RSI) pointing to bullish momentum, the On-Balance Volume (OBV) and trading volumes remain weak. This weakness is echoed in the mixed signals from open interest and spot CVD trends. While some traders are adopting long positions, the overall market activity appears to be diminishing, casting doubts over ONDO’s future price stability and growth potential.

Technical Analysis Showing Mixed Signals

The combination of these mixed signals renders ONDO’s price movements and future performance uncertain. The market seems to be waiting for a more definitive directional cue, making it a critical period for traders who are closely monitoring these metrics for a clearer trading strategy.

BlockDAG’s Presale: Ambitious Goals and Spectacular Growth

BlockDAG has emerged as a powerhouse in the crypto presale domain, experiencing a phenomenal 1000% surge in its 17th presale batch priced at $0.011. This rapid ascent underscores immense investor confidence and significant market traction. BlockDAG’s ambitious trajectory includes predictions for its value to climb to $0.05 by the final 45th batch, signifying a staggering 4900% increase.

Innovative Architecture and Investor Optimism

The recently released DAGpaper V2 has further invigorated interest by detailing a revolutionary blockchain-DAG architecture, a user-friendly low-code/no-code platform for smart contract creation, and seamless EVM integration. These innovations bolster optimistic price predictions, with the community foreseeing a potential valuation of $10 by 2025 and $20 by 2027. The consistent 50% increase per batch denotes substantial and steady gains, reinforcing the presale’s momentum and attracting both individual investors and larger financial entities.


In summary, while Polygon (MATIC) shows impressive user growth, the network faces significant challenges linked to declining activity and development hurdles. ONDO’s future remains indeterminate, with mixed technical signals and waning market activity. Conversely, BlockDAG’s presale stands out with its remarkable growth and ambitious projections, capturing the collective enthusiasm of the crypto community.

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