Can Litecoin Price Rise? Critical Support Level!

  • Litecoin gained strength from the $75 support and saw levels of $82 again.
  • Which support and resistance levels should LTC investors follow?
  • Which resistance level should LTC price break to start a bullish movement?

Will Litecoin continue to rise? Where are the critical support and resistance areas that LTC investors should follow? Current LTC Price Analysis!

Medium-Term Litecoin Price Analysis!

12 Hour LTC Price Chart Source: TradingView

When we examine the Litecoin price on the 12-hour price chart, it appears to be trying to gain strength from an important support level.

If the LTC price continues to close daily candles above the $76 level mentioned in the analysis, it may want to realize the bullish movement to the $84.20 level mentioned in the analysis.

If the LTC price closes daily candles above the $84.20 level, it may continue the bullish trend and rise to levels of $88.

If the Litecoin price sees daily candle closes below the $75 level, the LTC price may experience a drop to levels of $70.

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Jocelyn Blake
Jocelyn Blake
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