Cardano (ADA) Founder Praises Bitcoin (BTC): Discover the Key Reasons Behind the Endorsement

  • In a recent statement, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has praised Bitcoin, highlighting it as the culmination of 50 years of technological advancements and innovation.
  • Hoskinson’s praise extends beyond Bitcoin to encompass the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, which has grown exponentially over the past decade.
  • “Great ideas aren’t the product of sudden inspiration but rather a gradual connection of decades of concepts and progress. Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency industry are the end result of five decades of innovation,” Hoskinson stated.

Discover the evolution of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency industry, as highlighted by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, emphasizing five decades of technological advancements.

Cardano Advances Governance

Intersect, a member-based organization for the Cardano ecosystem tasked with guaranteeing its continuity and future development, is inviting applications from throughout the Cardano community to join the Interim Constitutional Committee (ICC). The ICC will have seven members and uphold the interim constitution while the community upgrades to Chang.

Technical Governance Bootstrapping Phase

The interim period starts after the impending Chang upgrade. Cardano then enters a technical governance bootstrapping phase, which includes bringing DReps and others on-chain. This phase is crucial for ensuring that the governance mechanisms are robust and can handle the complexities of a decentralized ecosystem.

Constitution Drafting and Ratification

The interim phase also involves constitution drafting and will expire in early 2025, when a final on-chain version is ratified. This process is designed to ensure that the governance framework is comprehensive and reflective of the community’s needs and aspirations.


In summary, the advancements in the cryptocurrency industry, as highlighted by Charles Hoskinson, are the result of decades of innovation and research. The Cardano ecosystem is taking significant steps towards ensuring its future governance and development through the formation of the ICC and the upcoming technical governance bootstrapping phase. These efforts underscore the importance of a well-structured governance framework in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

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