Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction: Potential Surge to $0.40 Amid Market Activity and MVRV Ratio Insights

  • Cardano’s (ADA) trading activity suggests a potential price hike in the near future.
  • Market data indicates that buy orders surpass sell orders, hinting at bullish sentiment.
  • Historical MVRV ratio data supports the possibility of ADA climbing to $0.40.

Cardano’s ADA might be on the cusp of a notable price increase based on recent trading metrics and historical data.

Analyzing ADA’s Market Dynamics

Recent data reveals that traders are keen on buying 166.73 million ADA tokens at an average price of $0.37. At the same rate, sellers are ready to offload 121.95 million tokens. Given that buy orders exceed sell orders, ADA’s price might stabilize or even rise around the $0.37 mark.

On-Chain Metrics and Their Insights

Apart from exchange activity, it’s crucial to delve into other on-chain metrics to grasp the full picture. The Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio, for instance, provides insights into the profitability and valuation of ADA. Currently, Cardano’s 30-day MVRV ratio stands at 13.33%, suggesting that, on average, holders would face a 13.33% loss if they sold now.

Cardano’s Price Potential

Historically, ADA prices tend to rebound when the MVRV ratio falls between -11% and -27%. This historical trend hints at a potential price increase in the near future. At present, if ADA’s circulation continues to decrease, selling pressure might diminish, supporting a price rise toward $0.40.

The Impact of Transaction Activity

Transaction activity is another vital indicator of a cryptocurrency’s health. For Cardano, the one-day circulation recently dropped to 196.73 million, signifying a reduction in transaction activity. This decline could indicate lower selling pressure, thus positively influencing ADA’s price.


While the data indicates a positive outlook for Cardano, it’s essential to remain cautious given the overall market conditions. If the broader market continues to decline, ADA might drop to $0.35. However, if current trends hold, Cardano’s price could very well reach $0.40 in the coming days.

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