Cardano’s Voltaire Phase Set to Launch: Network on Cusp of Major Milestone

  • Cardano, a premier proof-of-stake blockchain platform, is nearing a pivotal milestone according to its founder, Charles Hoskinson.
  • The network has advanced to the fifth phase of its extensive roadmap, termed “Voltaire,” aimed at establishing a self-sustaining ecosystem.
  • Hoskinson anticipates that June will be the month when Cardano Node achieves version 9.0, marking a significant development.

Discover Cardano’s groundbreaking move towards decentralization and transparency with the Voltaire phase, setting new benchmarks in the blockchain industry.

Cardano’s Voltaire Phase: A Leap Towards Decentralization

The Cardano network is transitioning into an era of greater self-governance with the advent of the Voltaire phase. This stage is being hailed as a potential game-changer due to its focus on turning the network into a sustainable and decentralized ecosystem. The progress is underscored by the readiness of 70% of stake pool operators (SPOs) for the Chang fork, the upcoming hard fork.

Major Upgrades in the Chang Hard Fork

The forthcoming Chang hard fork will introduce two pivotal upgrades. Initially, it will lay the foundation for decentralized voting and governance actions, integral components for network sustainability. Subsequently, it will enable various governance features such as treasury withdrawals, further diversifying Cardano’s capabilities.

Prominent Claims and Expectations

Hoskinson has made audacious claims about the forthcoming hard fork, suggesting it could set a new precedent. According to him, Cardano aims to become a fully decentralized civilization with millions of stakeholders worldwide. The platform aspires to showcase the most advanced blockchain governance system, annual budgets, a treasury, and collective wisdom to steer its development.

Challenges and Skepticism

Despite these ambitious plans, Cardano faces skepticism from various quarters. Some influencers and critics argue that the network lacks substantial fundamentals. Hoskinson has countered these criticisms, asserting a disconnect between the perceptions of skeptics and the reality of Cardano’s advancements.

Cardano’s Market Performance and Community Sentiment

While the technical advancements are commendable, Cardano’s market performance in 2024 has been less than stellar. The cryptocurrency has struggled to maintain its position within the top 10 tokens by market capitalization. Nonetheless, the community remains optimistic, betting on the long-term potential of these groundbreaking updates.


In summary, Cardano stands on the verge of a transformative period with its Voltaire phase. The upcoming Chang hard fork and its associated upgrades are set to bolster its governance framework, making it a more decentralized and transparent network. As Cardano navigates these changes, the blockchain community will be watching closely to gauge the long-term impacts and potential turnaround in ADA’s market performance.

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