Cboe Files 19b-4 for Spot Solana ETFs; SEC Decision Awaited by Mid-March 2025

  • The cryptocurrency industry is eagerly anticipating the approval of spot Solana ETFs.
  • The 19b-4 filings on behalf of 21Shares and VanEck have been submitted to the US SEC.
  • Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas forecasts the launch of these ETFs by mid-March 2025.

Spot Solana ETFs on the horizon: Market anticipation builds as regulatory process progresses towards mid-March 2025 potential launch.

Cboe Submits 19b-4 Filings for Spot Solana ETFS

The price of Solana (SOL) surged by 6.7% following the news that Cboe Global Markets has submitted the 19b-4 filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to list spot Solana ETFs. This filing, made on behalf of 21Shares and VanEck, marks a significant move in the market, aligning with broader efforts to introduce exchange-traded funds tied to Solana.

Regulatory Approval Requirements

For these ETFs to begin trading, approval is needed not only for the 19b-4 filings but also for the S-1 forms. According to Rob Marrocco, the global head of ETP Listings at Cboe, this comprehensive approval process addresses the rising investor interest in Solana, a cryptocurrency that ranks among the most actively traded after Bitcoin and Ether.

Insights on SEC Decision Timeline and Market Impact

Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas has indicated that he anticipates the launch of spot Solana ETFs by mid-March 2025, although this projection is subject to the outcome of the US elections. He suggests that political dynamics could significantly influence the SEC’s decision-making process regarding these financial instruments.

Political Factors at Play

Balchunas has pointed out that the upcoming November elections will be crucial. He posits that if President Biden secures re-election, the approval of Solana ETFs might face increased hurdles. Conversely, a Trump victory could open doors for more favorable regulatory outcomes, potentially accelerating the market debut of these ETFs.

Current Solana Market Dynamics

The broader market instability has had a noticeable impact on Solana’s pricing. Despite recent turbulence, Solana has made a notable recovery, swinging back to $140 with further upside potential. Analysts like Ali Martinez observe that Solana’s market behavior currently mirrors patterns from 2021, suggesting a possible bullish breakout similar to historical trends.

Technical Analysis and Market Projections

Martinez has further elaborated that Solana’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at comparable levels to those seen just before significant rallies in the past. This technical indicator supports the outlook for a substantial price increase, reinforcing optimism among traders and investors in the crypto market.


The market is intently watching the progression of spot Solana ETFs through the regulatory pipeline, with significant implications depending on SEC approvals and political developments. As the mid-March 2025 deadline approaches, investors remain cautiously optimistic about the potential for these financial products to expand market participation in Solana.

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