Chainlink (LINK) Faces Bearish Trend as Sellers Dominate Market Amid Significant Support Breaches

  • Chainlink (LINK) is currently facing a bearish trend with the price dropping for three consecutive days.
  • The altcoin has broken through several critical support levels, prompting increased selling pressure and market dominance by sellers.
  • Traders have taken significant short positions against LINK, betting on further declines.

Chainlink’s recent price movements reflect a challenging period for the altcoin, as it breaks critical support levels and faces increased selling pressure.

Key Support Levels Breached by Chainlink

Chainlink’s (LINK) price has shown a pronounced downward trend recently. On June 3rd, the token suffered a 5.70% decline, bringing its value down to approximately $13.5. This was followed by another significant drop of 7.66% the next day, reducing its price to around $12.5. As of the latest data, LINK was trading at about $12, marking a further decrease of over 4%.

Sellers Dominate the Market

The market sentiment for Chainlink has shifted notably, with long and short moving averages transitioning from support to resistance levels. The newly established resistance levels are now positioned at $15.6 and $16.2. Former support zones around $13.8 and $12.8 have also turned into resistance points as a result of LINK’s depreciation. This transition underscores the heightened selling pressure that has been prevalent in LINK’s market, making it difficult for the altcoin to initiate a trend reversal.

Traders Take Aggressive Short Positions

Data from Coinglass indicates a substantial shift in market dynamics with the weighted funding rate for LINK dropping significantly. As trading concluded on July 4th, the funding rate fell to approximately 0.0016%. This dip, while indicating a decline, still suggested some buyer interest remained. However, a more pronounced drop to -0.0143 in the funding rate highlighted a shift towards bearish sentiment, with sellers outnumbering buyers and more traders taking short positions, betting on further declines in LINK’s value.

Outlook for Chainlink

The current market conditions for Chainlink suggest a strong bearish outlook. The significant presence of short positions implies that sellers have a firm grip on the market. For any market reversal to occur, substantial buyer interest would be needed to counteract the prevailing bearish sentiment. Furthermore, Chainlink’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) is approaching the critical 30-threshold. If the RSI dips below this level, it would enter the oversold zone, potentially triggering a market reversal as buyers may perceive the asset as undervalued and start accumulating positions, which could drive the price upwards.


Chainlink is experiencing a significant downturn, with critical support levels being breached and a notable shift in market sentiment towards bearishness. The increased selling pressure and dominance of short positions indicate a challenging period ahead for LINK. However, if the perceived low prices attract buyers, a potential market reversal could be on the horizon. Investors should closely monitor the RSI and funding rates for any signs of market sentiment shifts.

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