Chiliz Soars as Fan Token Trading Surges Ahead of Euro 2024 and Copa América

  • Fan tokens linked to soccer teams are gaining traction as Euro 2024 and Copa América approach.
  • The market value of the Chiliz cryptocurrency has surged, nearing heights seen during the 2022 World Cup.
  • The fan token sector is under scrutiny for balancing team engagement with financial speculation.

Fan tokens are soaring in popularity as major international soccer tournaments approach, offering fans unique engagement opportunities amid rising market activity.

Significant Rise in Fan Token Activity Ahead of Major Soccer Tournaments

As the Euro 2024 and Copa América tournaments draw near, excitement is building within the cryptocurrency community surrounding fan tokens. These digital assets, endorsed by national teams and clubs, allow supporters to engage more deeply with their favorite teams in a tradeable manner. According to Reuters, recent statistics indicate a marked uptick in fan token trading, a testament to the growing enthusiasm ahead of these major events.

Chiliz Market Value Approaches Pre-2022 World Cup Levels

Chiliz, the cryptocurrency that powers the Socios platform hosting multiple fan tokens, has experienced substantial growth. CoinGecko reports that Chiliz’s market capitalization has escalated from $687 million at the year’s start to over $1.07 billion. This resurgence recalls the fervor witnessed during the 2022 World Cup. Trading volumes for fan tokens also reflect this upward trend, with data from Kaiko indicating a surge from $25 million-$57 million in January to over $170 million by May. The aggregate market value of fan tokens is currently estimated at around $413 million.

The Appeal and Controversy Surrounding Fan Tokens

This summer is projected to be pivotal for the fan token industry, which is still relatively nascent. Fan tokens typically afford exclusive perks such as raffle entries, early access to tickets, merchandise discounts, and even the chance to vote on minor team decisions like match-day songs. While these tokens are celebrated for offering tangible real-world utility in the crypto sphere, detractors caution that their speculative trading nature could overshadow their primary function of fostering fan engagement.

Chiliz’s Community Engagement Emphasized

A Chiliz spokesperson emphasized that the company’s marketing underscores fan tokens as tools for engagement rather than investment. For example, Portugal’s fan token has seen a 2% increase over the past month to $2.94, while Argentina’s token briefly rose to $2.46, achieving its highest level since 2022. However, both tokens remain below their previous World Cup peaks. Jag Kooner, Bitfinex’s head of derivatives, suggested that the recent spike in trading volume might be fleeting, referencing a decline in activity post-World Cup.

Fan Tokens and Their Financial Implications

The 2021 crypto boom saw numerous high-profile soccer teams and athletes promoting crypto assets such as NFTs and fan tokens, which attracted criticism. British lawmakers warned that the rise of NFTs in sports could pose financial risks to fans and potentially damage club reputations. The Football Supporters’ Association of England and Wales criticized such partnerships, viewing them as monetization tactics that could place financial burdens on genuine supporters.

Concerns About Speculation Versus Engagement

During the peak of the 2021 crypto boom, fan tokens and NFTs were actively promoted by leading soccer figures, sparking debate. British lawmakers and fan associations expressed concerns about the financial implications for supporters and the reputational risks for clubs. The push for monetizing various aspects of fan engagement was seen as potentially detrimental to the core relationship between fans and teams.

Study Findings on Fan Token Trading Patterns

Research analyst Adam McCarthy from Kaiko observed that fan token price and volume changes do not always correlate with team performance. His analysis, which looked at trading behaviors surrounding significant sporting events, revealed a “buy the rumor, sell the news” pattern, where trading volumes and token returns increase ahead of major tournaments but often decline once the key matches commence.

Fans and Club Decision-Making Influence

Another study indicated that fan token holders frequently utilize the benefits provided, including voting on club-related decisions. Lennart Ante, CEO of the Blockchain Research Lab, emphasized that fan involvement in club decisions enhances engagement. He pointed out the duality of fan tokens as means of engagement and financial speculation, suggesting that the future of fan tokens will hinge on striking a balance between these uses.


In summary, the rising activity in fan tokens ahead of major soccer tournaments highlights their burgeoning role in both fan engagement and financial speculation. The trajectory of these tokens will likely depend on how effectively they can balance these dual functions, ensuring that they remain valuable tools for fans while mitigating speculative risks.

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