CNBC Analyst Reveals Investment Picks: Spotlight on TON Coin (TON) and Two Other Cryptocurrencies

  • The cryptocurrency market is in a whirlwind following a recent tweet by CNBC’s Ran Neuner.
  • Neuner, known for his informative analysis and bold investment advice, stirred up a storm on Twitter by openly sharing the cryptocurrencies he has purchased.
  • This move sparked heated debates and disagreements among crypto enthusiasts, particularly regarding TON coin and other cryptos in Neuner’s list.

CNBC’s Ran Neuner sparks a debate in the crypto community by revealing his crypto purchases, including TON coin. The move prompts discussions on investment strategies and the future of these cryptocurrencies.

Ran Neuner Shares His Crypto Purchases

Renowned figure in the crypto world, Ran Neuner from CNBC, ignited a friendly storm on Twitter with his recent choices. Known for his insightful analysis, Neuner broke away from mere commentary and boldly declared the cryptocurrencies he has purchased, sparking debate and division among Crypto Twitter enthusiasts. Leading his portfolio is Solana (SOL), a blockchain network known for its remarkably fast transaction speeds and low fees. Neuner, likely recognizing SOL’s potential to become a DeFi powerhouse, underscored its strong meme culture, which in today’s internet-focused world, translates into significant cultural impact boosting its technological prowess. Solana’s ability to stay online even under heavy loads further enhances its appeal for building scalable applications.

TON Coin and Arweave Also on the List

Next in line is Arweave (AR), a decentralized storage network with a revolutionary vision. Dubbed as an “endlessly remembered, collectively owned hard disk,” Arweave powers permaweb, a permanent web that supports the development of decentralized applications. This ingenious technology not only guarantees permanent data accessibility, even if the original host is lost, but also preserves data integrity over time, a crucial feature in an era where digital information preservation is paramount. Completing Neuner’s “buy” list is The Open Network (TON) by Telegram, a project that piqued his interest due to its seamless integration with the messaging giant, Telegram, which boasts a massive user base. TON is not an afterthought. It’s the fruit of a process clearly visible in features like native wallets, trading bots, and other integrated services, giving TON a surprisingly competitive edge backed by a robust ecosystem.

Some Users React Negatively to the Post

However, Neuner’s choices led to contrasting preferences among Crypto Twitter users. The “you’re buying” part of his tweet humorously highlighted alternative favorites like Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), Cardano (ADA), and Ripple (XRP). Unfortunately, XRP, despite the generally bullish market sentiment, is currently experiencing negative growth (-12%), failing to meet this excitement. This weak performance casts a shadow over its future potential. While Cardano has solid foundations and impressive gains in 2024, it is interestingly missing from the portfolio preferred by Neuner. His silence on the reason for excluding ADA unsurprisingly ignited a passionate reaction wave from ADA’s loyal supporters eager to defend the valuable cryptocurrency.


Ran Neuner’s recent revelation of his crypto purchases sparked a flurry of debates and discussions in the crypto community. While some agreed with his choices, others expressed disagreement, particularly with the exclusion of certain popular cryptos. As the crypto market continues to evolve, these discussions highlight the diverse investment strategies and the unpredictable nature of the crypto world.

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