Coinbase Boosts Crypto PAC Fairshake with $25M Donation Amid 2024 Election Push

  • Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has made a significant contribution of $25 million to the Fairshake political action committee (PAC), intensifying the financial involvement of the crypto sector in the upcoming 2024 elections.
  • This brings Fairshake’s total funding for the current election cycle to $160 million, positioning it as one of the most influential PACs in the political arena.
  • According to OpenSecrets, only ActBlue and WinRed, the primary financial platforms for the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively, have raised more funds this cycle.

Coinbase’s substantial donation of $25 million to Fairshake highlights the growing political influence of the crypto industry ahead of the 2024 elections.

Significant Contributions from Major Crypto Firms

Coinbase’s latest contribution follows similar donations from other major American crypto firms such as Ripple and Andreessen Horowitz, each of which also contributed $25 million last week. These companies have been major financial supporters of Fairshake, which was established last year to back pro-crypto candidates in federal elections. The coordinated financial efforts by these crypto giants have significantly bolstered Fairshake’s resources, reflecting the industry’s increasing engagement in political advocacy.

The Political Climate and Key Legislative Developments

Recent contributions from the crypto industry coincide with significant political developments in Washington. On May 22, the U.S. House of Representatives approved FIT 21, a comprehensive regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency sector. This historic vote came shortly after a sizable group of Democratic senators, contrary to President Joe Biden’s stance, supported the repeal of SAB 121, a controversial regulation enforced by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, President Biden vetoed the repeal, highlighting the ongoing crypto-related tensions within the political landscape, including within his own party.

Crypto Becoming a Central Election Issue

The heightened political activity surrounding cryptocurrencies appears to have galvanized companies like Coinbase to make crypto a central issue in the upcoming election. Notably, Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, has stated that the best way to achieve regulatory clarity in a democracy is by electing pro-crypto candidates and removing anti-crypto legislators from office. Armstrong emphasized that this campaign is intended to be a bipartisan effort, aiming to unite support across party lines.

Shifting Political Alliances

Though there have been concerns about crypto becoming a partisan issue, especially after former President Donald Trump expressed explicit support for the industry and accepted crypto donations for his campaign, Coinbase maintains that its political endeavors are non-partisan. Armstrong reiterated that cryptocurrency interests must transcend party lines, affirming that the goal is to foster bipartisan support for the industry.

Focus of Fairshake’s Efforts

Despite the bipartisan rhetoric, Fairshake’s activities have thus far predominantly targeted liberal candidates deemed anti-crypto. Data from OpenSecrets shows that out of the $11.3 million spent by Fairshake in the 2024 election cycle, 93.8% has been directed either against Democrats or in favor of Republicans. This trend raises questions about the true bipartisan nature of the campaign, even as its leaders call for broad-based support.


Coinbase’s recent $25 million donation to Fairshake underscores the increasing political influence wielded by the cryptocurrency industry. As regulatory frameworks evolve and political stances shift, the involvement of major crypto firms in federal elections is likely to persist, seeking both to advocate for favorable policies and to ensure the sector’s sustainability and growth. This growing political activism within the crypto industry suggests that its stakeholders are keenly aware of the significant impact that political decisions can have on the future of digital assets.

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