Coinbase (COIN) Q2 2024 Earnings Forecast: Analysts Predict 31% Decline Amid Bitcoin Volatility

  • Coinbase gears up for its second-quarter earnings report slated for August 1, 2024.
  • Wall Street analysts project a significant quarter-over-quarter drop in earnings.
  • Expectations reveal a 31% decline in EPS compared to Q1 2024.

Discover the latest financial insights as Coinbase prepares to release its Q2 2024 earnings. Despite a bullish year-over-year growth, a significant quarter-over-quarter decline is anticipated, reflecting the volatile crypto market dynamics.

Anticipating Coinbase’s Q2 2024 Earnings: Key Projections

Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN) is expected to unveil its earnings for the second quarter on August 1, 2024. Analysts are not optimistic, forecasting a notable decline in the company’s financial performance compared to the previous quarter. According to Zacks Investment Research, the consensus earnings per share (EPS) stands at $1.13—a 31% drop from Q1’s reported EPS of $1.65. Despite this decline, the year-over-year forecast indicates a remarkable 369.05% increase from the same quarter last year, highlighting considerable annual growth.

Market Factors Driving EPS Decline

The anticipated decline in EPS is largely attributed to decreased trading volumes within the cryptocurrency market, influenced by a steep fall in Bitcoin (BTC) prices. Bitcoin’s sharp decline since April—from a peak of $72,000 down to $53,000—coupled with recent market rebounds to over $59,000, signify the challenges Coinbase faces in such a volatile environment. Additionally, the German government selloff and repayments from Mt. Gox have contributed to these fluctuations.

Revenue Expectations Amid Market Volatility

While EPS forecasts paint a grim picture, revenue predictions offer a mixed outlook. Analysts estimate Coinbase’s revenue for Q2 2024 to be approximately $1.47 billion, reflecting a substantial year-over-year increase of 107.83%. However, this figure also marks a 7% decline from the previous quarter. The revenue growth emphasizes Coinbase’s resilience and ability to augment its financial base despite prevailing market uncertainties.

Performance Recap: Q1 2024

In Q1 2024, Coinbase surpassed expectations with exceptional earnings, driven by a surge in cryptocurrency assets and favorable market sentiments. Revenues more than doubled to $1.58 billion, greatly exceeding the anticipated $1.32 billion. Transaction revenues alone crossed the $1 billion threshold, propelled by heightened activity from both retail and institutional clients. Institutional investors notably boosted trading volumes, significantly contributing to overall growth. Net income soared to $1.17 billion, equivalent to $4.40 per share, marking a stark turnaround from the previous year’s Q1 loss of $79 million.


As Coinbase prepares to release its Q2 2024 earnings, the financial community braces for a significant quarter-over-quarter decline despite impressive year-over-year growth. Analysts’ projections highlight the impacts of market volatility and reduced trading volumes on Coinbase’s financial performance. Moving forward, investors and stakeholders will keenly observe how Coinbase navigates these challenges, leveraging its strengths to maintain revenue growth and adapt to dynamic market conditions.

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