Coinbase Targets $600B Australian Pension Funds: A Strategic Move in the Crypto World (COIN)

  • Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, is reportedly planning to expand its operations into Australia to cater to the growing demand for crypto-related products.
  • The company is particularly interested in the Australian Pension Fund, which is worth over $600 billion and growing.
  • As part of its expansion strategy, Coinbase is developing a product tailored specifically for the Australian market.

Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange, is setting its sights on the Australian market, with plans to tap into the country’s $600 billion pension fund. The company is also developing a product specifically for this region, signaling a significant step in the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Targets Australian Pension Fund

Coinbase Global Inc. is reportedly planning to capitalize on the potential demand for crypto-related products in Australia’s self-managed pension niche, which is currently valued at over $600 billion and growing. The company is in the process of developing a service that caters to this demand, with Asia Pacific Managing Director at Coinbase, John O’Loghlen, confirming the plans. According to a report from the Australian Taxation Office, digital assets currently make up about $664 million of Australia’s $2.5 trillion pension system.

Increasing Interest in Crypto Assets

Despite the perceived risks and volatility associated with cryptocurrencies, more firms are entering the crypto ecosystem, particularly through Bitcoin ETFs. This trend is expected to continue, with a potential increase in the price of Bitcoin and growing inflows possibly pushing the crypto assets held within these self-managed pension funds to new heights. However, it’s worth noting that Australian institutional money managers have generally shown a lack of interest in crypto assets, largely due to the associated risks and past scandals.

Australia’s Crypto Future

Following the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), other jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, have started trading spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF products. There are expectations that Australia will follow suit before the end of 2024, especially with firms like Van Eck Associates Corp. and BetaShares Holdings Pty lining up offerings. However, the region will need to address its concerns about the risks associated with crypto usage and investment.


Coinbase’s planned expansion into Australia represents a significant development in the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. By targeting the country’s growing pension fund, the company is positioning itself to tap into a potentially lucrative market. However, the success of this venture will largely depend on how well Australia manages the perceived risks associated with crypto investments and whether it follows other jurisdictions in launching spot crypto ETFs.

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