U.S. SEC Delays Decision on Bitcoin ETFs as VanEck Pledges Support to Ethereum Contributors!

A closer look into the U.S. SEC's hesitation on Bitcoin ETF approvals, VanEck's commitment to Ethereum's core contributors, and the intensifying debate over the classification of crypto assets as securities.

Bitcoin’s 10-Year Performance Surpasses G20 Currencies Against the US Dollar

An in-depth analysis of Bitcoin's unprecedented rise in the past decade, emphasizing its superiority against traditional G20 currencies when pegged against the USD.

Costco Gold Bar Craze: Is Bitcoin the Real Winner?

Amidst the rush for gold at retail giants like Costco, Bitcoin's performance and potential is stealing the spotlight. Investors weigh their options as both assets promise safety in uncertain times.

PAID – Analysis of Current Bitcoin Market Trends on September 29

As of the latest data, the crypto market is witnessing specific trends and behaviors that merit analysis. This article delves into the key observations for September 29, shedding light on trading patterns and potential catalysts.

SEC Delays Multiple Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications!

In a series of recent decisions, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has delayed multiple spot Bitcoin ETF applications. This article provides insights into the delayed ETF filings, their significance, and the potential impact on the cryptocurrency market.

For XRP to Reach $1, It Needs to Break This Resistance! XRP Price Analysis for September 29!

XRP's price saw a significant increase in the last 24 hours and is now trading above the resistance level: What's the next price level?

Invesco Galaxy Files for 4th Spot Ethereum ETF – BlackRock’s Potential Entry!

Invesco Galaxy has recently thrown its hat into the ring by filing for a spot Ethereum ETF, marking the fourth such filing in this competitive landscape. This article explores the details of Invesco Galaxy's filing, provides an overview of the existing contenders, and speculates on whether BlackRock might follow suit.

$3 Billion in Bitcoin Options Expire Today—Impact on BTC Price

Bitcoin's price stability is in the spotlight as approximately $3 billion worth of Bitcoin options contracts approach their expiry date. This article delves into the potential implications of this significant options expiry event on the world's leading cryptocurrency.

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