Critical Update on Dogecoin (DOGE): Essential Insights for Crypto Enthusiasts

  • Dogechain, a popular Dogecoin explorer and wallet service, has announced its impending shutdown, urging Dogecoin holders to secure their funds.
  • Community members have been alerted via email, with calls to action to transition to alternative wallet solutions before the shutdown takes effect on June 1.
  • Users are warned against potential phishing attempts and advised to manually type out addresses and remember the official domain.

Dogecoin holders face a crucial transition as Dogechain, a key Dogecoin explorer, announces the shutdown of its wallet service, prompting users to secure their funds and avoid potential phishing attempts.

Dogechain Announces Shutdown of Wallet Service

Dogechain, a Dogecoin explorer since 2013, has been a significant part of the Dogecoin community, providing a platform for users to search the Dogecoin network for addresses, transactions, and blocks. Its wallet service, a vital tool for Dogecoin holders, is set to sunset soon. The Dogecoin community has been alerted to this development via email, urging them to take immediate action to secure their funds and transition to alternative wallet solutions before the shutdown on June 1.

Community Response and Phishing Warnings

In response to the announcement, Mishaboar, a vocal Dogecoin community member, reminded Dogecoin holders about the impending shutdown and the need to secure their funds. He also warned against potential phishing attempts, urging users never to directly click on links in an email but rather type out the address manually. He reminded users that the official legitimate domain is dogechain dot info and warned against the dogechain dot com domain, which has been used for phishing attacks in the past.

Urgent Call to Action for Dogecoin Holders

Mishaboar further advised the Dogecoin community to move their funds from the Dogechain wallet before the shutdown date. He also suggested keeping a copy of their Dogechain wallets’ private keys if they still have the addresses in use, allowing users to recover funds they might inadvertently send or receive there in the future.


The impending shutdown of Dogechain’s wallet service represents a significant transition for Dogecoin holders. As they move to secure their funds and transition to alternative solutions, users are urged to remain vigilant against potential phishing attempts and to remember the official domain. This development underscores the importance of security and vigilance in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

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