CryptoQuant Clarifies Misunderstanding: No Affiliation with CQT Token

  • On-chain data and analytics platform CryptoQuant clarified misinformation regarding the existence of a token associated with them.
  • CryptoQuant stated unequivocally that they do not have a CQT token, countering false narratives circulating online.
  • “CryptoQuant has NO token. All such claims are false,” emphasized the company’s recent announcement.

CryptoQuant Sets the Record Straight: No Tokens Issued

CryptoQuant Refutes Token Misconceptions

On July 9th, CryptoQuant released an official statement on Twitter to address and dispel misinformation regarding their platform. The company clarified that they do not possess a token such as the CQT token, which has been falsely attributed to them.

Emphasis on Transparency and Integrity

In their declaration, CryptoQuant underscored their commitment to transparency and integrity. They urged their followers to solely rely on official channels to obtain accurate and updated information, thereby ensuring credibility and reliability.

Clarifying Intentions and Maintaining Reputation

The announcement serves as part of CryptoQuant’s ongoing effort to provide accurate information to its user base. By correcting such misconceptions, CryptoQuant aims to protect its reputation and foster an informed community. This stance reflects the importance the platform places on honest communication and the maintenance of user trust.


CryptoQuant’s proactive approach in addressing the misinformation highlights their dedication to accuracy and user trust. The company continues to encourage users to follow their official channels for reliable updates and developments, reinforcing their commitment to transparency and integrity.

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