DMM Bitcoin to Fully Reimburse $306 Million in Bitcoin After Major Hack

  • In the wake of a significant security breach, Japanese crypto exchange DMM Bitcoin is set to reimburse users for stolen funds.
  • The firm is capitalizing on extensive financial resources to accomplish this recovery effort.
  • “Our primary objective is to restore user confidence and ensure financial integrity,” stated a company spokesperson.

Learn how DMM Bitcoin plans to address the $300 million hack, highlighting their financial strategies and parent company support.

Funding Plan for User Reimbursement

Following the hacking incident on May 31, which led to the theft of 4,502.9 BTC valued at approximately $306 million, DMM Bitcoin swiftly laid out a comprehensive reimbursement strategy. The company has managed to secure 5 billion yen (around $32 million) through borrowing by June 3. A detailed schedule reveals that DMM Bitcoin aims to raise an additional 48 billion yen ($307.6 million) by June 7 and another 2 billion yen ($12.8 million) by June 10, culminating in a total of about $352.4 million to cover all affected user deposits.

Parent Company’s Crucial Role

The financial backing from DMM Group, DMM Bitcoin’s parent company, plays a pivotal role in the reimbursement plan. Known for its ventures in e-commerce and internet services, DMM Group’s support signifies a concerted effort to uphold the subsidiary’s reputation and operational stability. DMM Bitcoin has reassured stakeholders that it will acquire the required Bitcoin in a manner that avoids market disruption.

Significant Insights for Affected Users

– Full user reimbursement for lost Bitcoin is a priority for DMM Bitcoin.
– The company has successfully secured substantial financial support for loss coverage.
– Parent company involvement underscores a commitment to resolving the issue.
– Efforts are in place to minimize potential impacts on the market.
– A thorough investigation is ongoing to identify and address security flaws.

In its formal statement, DMM Bitcoin apologized for the inconvenience caused by the breach and assured customers of its relentless efforts to investigate and rectify the situation. The goal is to restore trust and stabilize the platform swiftly.


The DMM Bitcoin security breach, being the eighth-largest crypto theft on record, highlights critical vulnerabilities within the crypto exchange industry. DMM Bitcoin’s proactive measures not only aim at financial compensation but also at heightened security standards and market stability. The company’s transparent approach and parent company backing are essential in rebuilding user trust and ensuring long-term operational integrity.

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