Dogecoin and Meme Coins See Decline in Market Influence as Fundamentals Gain Importance

  • The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a notable transition away from meme coins.
  • Analysts are observing a decline in the dominance of these speculative digital assets.
  • Opinions suggest that investors are now focusing more on cryptocurrencies with strong fundamentals.

The cryptocurrency market is shifting focus from meme coins to fundamentally stronger assets, marking a significant transition.

The Decline of Meme Coins Dominance

Recent data indicates a substantial decrease in the influence of meme coins within the altcoin sector. Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, highlights this trend as a sign of the market’s maturation.

This shift suggests a move away from purely speculative investments towards those with more robust fundamentals, mirroring earlier phases in crypto market development. “The era of meme coin speculation is winding down,” noted Ju. He stresses the renewed importance of fundamental analysis in guiding investment decisions.

Memecoin dominance in alt markets is declining.

CT would be shifting from gambling to focusing on fundamentals, similar to a few years ago.

Pack it up lads, itโ€™s over.

โ€” Ki Young Ju (@ki_young_ju) June 19, 2024

Juโ€™s observations align with a broader market movement away from high-risk digital assets. Despite the downturn in meme coins, Ju remains optimistic about Bitcoin, emphasizing its long-term potential.

Some people misunderstood my tweet. Iโ€™m bearish on memecoins, not BTC. Long-term bullish on Bitcoin.

Market Response And Future Outlook

Current market dynamics underscore this transition. Top meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and PEPE have seen declines over the past week, with respective drops of 13.1%, 14.1%, and 7.9%. The downward trend continued over the past 24 hours, with additional losses for Dogecoin (0.3%), Shiba Inu (1.8%), and PEPE (4%).

Interestingly, despite these setbacks, data from IntoTheBlock shows that a substantial proportion of holders remain profitableโ€”74.99% for Dogecoin, 80.57% for PEPE, and 76.85% for FLOKI.

Analyst Predictions and Market Sentiment

Despite the recent declines, some analysts remain bullish on the future of altcoins. Analyst Moustache draws parallels between current market patterns and previous bullish periods, such as 2020 and 2017, suggesting potential for significant gains in 2024.


There are some massive signs that Altcoins will rise exponentially in 2024.

– The chart looks like it did in 2020, or even 2017.
– The 2W Gaussian Channel has changed from red to green.

Donโ€™t get shaken out of the market, this is just a retest imo.

โ€” ๐•„๐• ๐•ฆ๐•ค๐•ฅ๐•’๐•”โ“—๐•– ๐Ÿงฒ (@el_crypto_prof) June 20, 2024

The shift of the 2-week Gaussian Channel from red to green is a key technical signal supporting his positive outlook, indicating potential upward movement.

Moustache advises investors to remain steady amidst short-term market volatility, suggesting these fluctuations may be paving the way for a substantial rally in 2024.


The notable decline in meme coin dominance reflects a maturing crypto market, directing attention towards assets with stronger fundamentals. While meme coins face a downturn, the long-term outlook for Bitcoin and other fundamentally sound assets remains promising. Analysts encourage investors to stay the course, anticipating potential market rallies in the near future.

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