Dogecoin Plummets Below $0.1 as Whale Sells $41 Million Worth of DOGE

  • Dogecoin (DOGE) has recently witnessed a sharp decline, tied to a broader slump in the cryptocurrency market.
  • A major sale by a substantial investor, usually termed as a “whale,” has exacerbated the fall, causing concerns among holders.
  • The memecoin’s price has notably dropped below the critical support level of $0.1, raising questions about its future prospects.

Discover why Dogecoin has faced a significant fall and what it means for investors.

Major Whale Moves $41 Million in DOGE to Binance

On July 5, Whale Alert reported a substantial transaction where a large cryptocurrency whale shifted approximately $41.08 million or 400 million DOGE to Binance. This move has sent ripples through the altcoin market, yet the whale still holds about $36.59 million worth of 379.80 million DOGE in their account. Historical data indicates that earlier this year, this whale accrued about 1 billion DOGE through Binance, capitalizing on the bullish trend by strategic selling. This massive sell-off has significantly shaken investors’ trust in Dogecoin’s short-term market performance.

Understanding the Bearish Investor Sentiment

The recent large-scale sale by the whale has had an immediate and substantial impact on investor sentiment, which has turned predominantly bearish. Although the whale maintains a considerable amount of DOGE, the implications of such a hefty sale have been overwhelmingly negative. The immense selling pressure resulted in DOGE’s price sinking below the important support level of $0.1, accelerating the downward trajectory.

Implications for Investors

Current data reveals that DOGE’s price has tumbled by 16.20% within the last 24 hours, stabilizing at $0.09563. Over the past day, its price ranged between $0.09379 and $0.1138. This steep decline reflects the community’s adverse reaction to the whale’s sell-off. Moreover, data from Coinglass highlights a 14.88% decrease in Dogecoin’s Open Interest (OI) in futures contracts to $503.97 million, while the derivative volume surged by 117.44% to $3.28 billion — signifying mixed market emotions.

Future Outlook: Monitoring Key Metrics

Investors should pay close attention to whale activities and their influence on market sentiment when considering DOGE investments. Monitoring DOGE’s price movements and critical support levels, such as $0.1, is vital. Additionally, keeping an eye on open interest and derivative volume data offers valuable insights into market dynamics. DOGE’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) is currently around 24, indicating oversold conditions and hinting at potential price recovery. However, the prevailing bearish trends and recent significant sales cast uncertainty over Dogecoin’s near-term future.


Dogecoin’s recent price decline highlights the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, significantly influenced by whale activities. Investors should consider these market dynamics and their potential impact on sentiment and support levels. While technical indicators like DOGE’s RSI suggest possible recovery zones, the current bearish trend necessitates cautious optimism. Staying informed and vigilant can help investors navigate these turbulent times in the crypto landscape.

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