Dormant and Active Whales Generate Market Buzz by Selling Bitcoin (BTC)

  • The cryptocurrency market has witnessed noteworthy activities from dormant and active whales.
  • The German and U.S. governments have been observed offloading significant amounts of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Remarkably, wallets previously inactive for years are re-emerging in substantial transactions.

Explore the recent uptick in cryptocurrency transactions by major whales and the strategic moves by governments unloading substantial BTC and ETH. Understand the impact on the crypto landscape.

Dormant and Active Whales Selling Bitcoin

In a striking development, Whale Alert has flagged the resurgence of a BTC wallet inactive for 13 years. This notable occurrence encapsulates the early post-Satoshi Nakamoto era, arousing intrigue among crypto enthusiasts.

The wallet in question holds 33 Bitcoins, currently worth approximately $2.14 million, a significant sum given Bitcoin’s volatility over the years.

💤 A dormant address containing 33 #BTC (2,142,474 USD) has just been activated after 13.0 years!

— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) July 2, 2024

Previously reported by CoinOtag, another dormant whale made headlines by transferring 8,000 BTC to Binance, clocking in at over $500 million in value. This activity has seen a noticeable spike, with a recent example of 1,800 Bitcoins moved just before a price dip.

Increased Whale Activities: A Sign of Market Shifts?

The recent surge in activities, including a whale moving 3,481 BTC worth $217 million within a week, highlights dynamic market responses. Such transactions foretell significant price impacts and trade volume shifts, suggesting market movers are strategically positioning themselves.

German and U.S. Governments Selling BTC and ETH

Reports have surfaced about the strategic sale of Bitcoin and Ethereum by the German and U.S. governments. These sales reflect a tactical approach towards digital asset management within governmental portfolios.

The latest transfers include $106M worth of BTC and ETH to centralized exchanges and new wallets. The breakdown involves the German government moving 1,500 BTC, while the U.S. government transferred 3,375 ETH to new holders.

In the past hour, the German and US governments moved $106M worth of $BTC and $ETH to CEX and new wallets, including: The German Government moved out 1,500 $BTC ($94.7M), of which 400 $BTC ($25.3M) went to #Bitstamp, #Kraken & #Coinbase. Currently, they hold 44,692 $BTC…

— Spot On Chain (@spotonchain) July 1, 2024

Renowned crypto journalist Colin Wu detailed that the U.S. government seized Ethereum from Estonian entrepreneurs involved in crypto fraud. This move reflects ongoing regulatory actions and asset redistribution within the digital currency domain.

Implications of Governmental Crypto Sales

These substantial sales by governmental bodies signal a profound impact on the cryptocurrency markets. With the German government currently holding 44,692 BTC, equivalent to $2.81 billion, these movements could influence market liquidity and investor sentiment.


The awakening of dormant Bitcoin wallets and significant cryptocurrency sales by the German and U.S. governments underscore pivotal movements in the crypto sphere. These actions not only affect market dynamics but also reflect broader strategic initiatives within the crypto ecosystem. For investors, keeping a close eye on such developments is crucial for navigating the evolving landscape of digital assets.

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