Dormant Bitcoin Wallet Worth $6.99 Million Reactivated After 12.4 Years, Sparking Sell-Off Fears

  • A dormant Bitcoin address holding 119 BTC, worth $6.99 million, has been activated after 12.4 years.
  • This address was initially valued at just $599 USD back in 2012, marking a staggering 1,166,666% increase.
  • The reactivation of long-dormant Bitcoin addresses often signals a potential sell-off, leading to market caution.

The resurgence of dormant Bitcoin addresses poses potential bearish implications as holders may prepare to liquidate significant assets, increasing market volatility.

Old Bitcoin Address Activated After Nearly 12.5 Years

In a noteworthy development, Whale Alert has detected the reactivation of a dormant Bitcoin address containing 119 BTC, now valued at $6.99 million. This address, which was worth a mere $599 back in 2012, has experienced an extraordinary appreciation of over 1,166,666% in value.

Impact on the Bitcoin Market

The activation of such addresses often heralds a looming bearish sentiment within the market. Historically, the reawakening of long-dormant addresses suggests that the holders might be gearing up to liquidate their assets. This influx of Bitcoin into the market can dramatically increase selling pressure, potentially driving down prices. As a result, the market typically reacts cautiously to such events.

Trend of Old Wallet Activations

This month alone has seen a notable trend of decades-old Bitcoin wallets springing back to life. Just hours prior to the 119 BTC address activation, Whale Alert identified another dormant address coming online with approximately $2.6 million worth of Bitcoin. Additionally, on July 2, a separate address containing $2.1 million worth of Bitcoin was activated after lying dormant for 13 years. These movements are significant, especially in the context of the current crypto market conditions.

Bitcoin Market Sentiment Amidst Reactivations

The market’s response to the reactivation of these addresses has been one of careful consideration. As Bitcoin continues to trade in the red, with recent prices hovering around $57,300—a level not seen since late April—the activation of these old wallets adds to the prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty and caution. Traders are acutely aware of the potential for increased sell-offs, which could further depress Bitcoin prices.

Renowned Trader Predictions

Prominent traders like Peter Brandt have issued warnings to Bitcoin bulls, emphasizing the need to brace for potential downturns. Market experts advise against impulsive trading decisions and recommend staying informed about these wallet reactivations. The anticipation of large-scale liquidations necessitates a vigilant approach to navigating the crypto markets during these tumultuous times.

Long-Term Market Outlook

Despite the immediate challenges posed by these wallet activations, some experts maintain a bullish long-term outlook for Bitcoin. Notably, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ has suggested that Bitcoin could reach a staggering $10 million in the future. While such predictions are speculative, they reflect the diverse perspectives within the crypto community regarding Bitcoin’s potential growth trajectory.


The resurgence of long-dormant Bitcoin addresses introduces a complex dynamic of potential sell-offs and increased market volatility. Traders are urged to stay vigilant and prepared for potential market shifts. While immediate bearish pressures loom, the long-term outlook remains mixed, underscoring the need for informed and strategic decision-making within the crypto space.

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