El Salvador Amplifies Bitcoin (BTC) Holdings through Innovative Volcano-Powered Mining

  • El Salvador has significantly increased its Bitcoin holdings by mining nearly 474 bitcoins in the last three years, using geothermal energy.
  • The government’s total Bitcoin portfolio now stands at approximately $354 million, with a focus on eco-friendly mining methods.
  • Despite challenges and international criticism, this development marks a significant shift in the cryptocurrency world.

El Salvador leverages geothermal energy for Bitcoin mining, boosting its holdings to $354 million. This innovative approach could redefine the future of cryptocurrency mining.

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Mining Endeavour

Over the past three years, El Salvador has mined nearly 474 bitcoins, significantly increasing its cryptocurrency holdings. This achievement, powered by the country’s geothermal energy plants, brings the government’s total Bitcoin portfolio to an impressive $354 million. The country is leveraging its volcanic activity to mine Bitcoin in a more sustainable way, setting a precedent in an industry often criticised for its environmental impact.

Geothermal Power: A Game Changer for Crypto Mining

President Nayib Bukele, a staunch Bitcoin advocate, authorised the installation of 300 processors specifically designed for Bitcoin mining. These processors utilise 1.5 MW of power from a 102 MW geothermal plant. Cryptocurrency mining typically requires vast amounts of energy for complex computations and cooling facilities. The high energy demand has raised concerns about the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining, particularly its strain on power grids and contribution to carbon emissions. El Salvador’s foray into geothermal Bitcoin mining could potentially offer a more sustainable solution.

Challenges and Criticisms

Despite the potential benefits, El Salvador’s venture into geothermal Bitcoin mining is not without its challenges. The long-term success of this strategy hinges on two key factors; the price of Bitcoin and the efficiency of mining operations. Furthermore, El Salvador’s 2021 decision to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender alongside the US dollar has drawn criticism from international financial institutions, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), due to concerns about Bitcoin’s volatility and its potential impact on the country’s financial stability.


El Salvador’s experiment with geothermal Bitcoin mining marks a significant development in the cryptocurrency world. Despite facing challenges and criticism, this approach could potentially offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly model for the future of cryptocurrency mining. The success of this venture could have far-reaching implications for the global cryptocurrency industry.

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