Ethereum Analysis: A Deep Dive into Price Trends and Key Support/Resistance Points

  • Uncertainty prevails in the Bitcoin and altcoin markets, with a noticeable falling channel formation in Ethereum.
  • The $1615 support level for Ethereum is a significant reference point, and closures below this level could have a negative impact.
  • Challenges such as DeFi protocols being hacked, low volume in the NFT market, and token scams are affecting the Ethereum ecosystem, reducing user interest.

The recent volatility in the Ethereum market, coupled with issues in the ecosystem, is causing concern among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The $1615 support level is a critical point to watch, as closures below this could trigger a negative trend.

Ethereum Market Analysis

ETHUSDT 4h Binance Chart 5 Sept

The Ethereum market has been experiencing significant volatility recently, with a falling channel formation being a major cause for concern. This formation could be interpreted negatively by many experts, and a drop in price below the support level could have a negative impact. The only positive aspect for Ethereum at the moment is the $1615 support level, which has held strong on at least four occasions. However, losing this level could trigger a significant drop.

Alongside the market volatility, the Ethereum ecosystem has been facing numerous challenges. These include DeFi protocols being hacked, the lowest volume in the NFT market in the last two years, and scams in the token market. These issues are reducing user interest and contributing to the negative trend.

Ethereum Support and Resistance Levels

The most important support level to watch in Ethereum is the aforementioned $1615. A closure below this level due to any negative news could trigger a drop to the $1493 level. The final support level to watch is the $1361 level.

There are several resistance levels to consider, mainly due to Ethereum’s price being below important moving averages. Based on previous closures, the resistance levels to watch are $1629, $1713, and $1820. A closure above $1820, in particular, could end the falling channel formation and remove a significant risk for Ethereum.


The Ethereum market is currently facing significant challenges, both in terms of market volatility and issues within the ecosystem. The $1615 support level is a critical point to watch, and closures below this could trigger a negative trend. However, a closure above the $1820 resistance level could end the current negative trend and remove a significant risk for Ethereum.

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