Ethereum (ETH) Boosts Starknet (STRK) Price Surge: Analyzing the Impact on Layer 2 Solutions

  • Starknet’s market movement is closely tied to Ethereum’s performance, but that’s not the only point.
  • Indicators suggested that the value could drop amid falling volume and rising volatility.
  • Two of the largest Starknet (STRK) holders might have put the price at risk of a decline, but data showed that STRK seems to be holding on well.

Discover the latest developments in Starknet’s market performance and how Ethereum’s movements are influencing its trajectory. Stay informed with our in-depth analysis.

Starknet Resists Major Decline Despite Large Token Deposits

On May 25th, AMBCrypto discovered through Spot On Chain that Teneo, a Three Arrows Capital (3AC) liquidator, deposited 2.18 million STRK into Binance. Large exchange deposits like this are typically expected to precede a price decrease. However, the Starknet token did not budge, maintaining its price stability.

How Ethereum Secured Starknet’s Stability

Before Teneo’s deposit, Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin claimed his 845,000 STRK airdrop, worth $1.07 million. This action initially affected the token’s value, causing a 6% drop. However, Starknet’s price resilience can be attributed to the U.S. SEC’s approval of Ethereum spot ETFs. This bullish sentiment around Ethereum and its ecosystem, including Layer-2 projects like Starknet, helped stabilize STRK’s price.

Future Price Predictions: $1.06 or $1.50?

AMBCrypto analyzed the Weighted Sentiment around Starknet, which had surged to 4.293. This metric measures the positive/negative commentary about a cryptocurrency. The reading implied that for every negative mention of STRK, there were four more supporting a bullish cause. If the sentiment remains optimistic, the price of the token might continue to rise. In a highly bullish scenario, STRK’s value might hit $1.80. However, a return to a bearish phase could see STRK move to $1.06.

Volume and Volatility: Indicators of Market Strength

At the time of writing, STRK’s volume was $127.90 million, a notable decline from the figure on May 24th. Volume is a sign of interest in a token and market strength, with increasing volume viewed as a healthy metric for price. Starknet’s declining volume while the price rises suggests that the upswing might not last. Validation of this forecast could bring the token’s price down, potentially to $1.06. Meanwhile, volatility around the cryptocurrency increased, suggesting notable price fluctuations. However, according to Santiment, this might not be enough to spur a move past $1.50 as seen some weeks ago.


In summary, Starknet’s price has shown resilience despite significant token deposits and initial price drops. The bullish sentiment around Ethereum and its ecosystem has played a crucial role in stabilizing STRK’s price. However, declining volume and rising volatility indicate that this stability might be short-lived. Market participants should keep a close eye on Ethereum’s performance, as it will likely influence Starknet’s future trajectory. If Ethereum hits a new high, STRK might follow suit; otherwise, it may struggle to maintain its current levels.

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