Ethereum Faces Selling Pressure at $4K, Eyes Key Support Levels for Rebound

  • Ethereum recently experienced a decline after encountering resistance near the $4K level.
  • The current market dynamics show a significant support zone ahead that could prevent further declines.
  • “A comprehensive analysis reveals critical technical support levels that could play a pivotal role,” noted an analyst.

Ethereum faces crucial support zones amid a recent decline from the $4K resistance.

Recent Market Activity: A Technical Overview

Ethereum has seen notable price action, especially after its brief consolidation near the $4K mark. The digital asset experienced a significant sell-off when it failed to sustain its position at this pivotal resistance, highlighting strong bearish sentiment. Nevertheless, key support levels, including the 100-day moving average at $3,430 and the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement level at $3,419, might provide necessary stability and prevent further price erosion.

Short-term Predictions: Insights from the 4-Hour Chart

On the 4-hour timeframe, Ethereum’s movement near the $4K resistance formed a head and shoulders pattern, which is often indicative of a bearish reversal. The break below the neckline of this pattern enhances the chances of a downward trend continuation. Adding to the bearish outlook, there’s a bearish divergence seen between the RSI and the price, suggesting diminishing bullish strength. Currently, Ethereum hovers around the crucial $3.6K support level, and a breakdown below this may trigger additional declines.

Market Sentiment and Future Projections

An analysis of market sentiment reveals that investors are wary of Ethereum’s ability to reclaim the $4K level. Observations from the futures market indicate a prevalence of aggressive selling. The 7-day moving average of the Taker Buy Sell Ratio shows a significant incline in seller dominance, as evidenced by a reading below one. This signals that many futures traders are actively selling Ethereum, which could perpetuate the current bearish trend.


In summary, Ethereum’s recent struggles to maintain levels near $4K, coupled with bearish technical patterns and a downturn in market sentiment, suggest a challenging environment in the short term. Nevertheless, the presence of robust support zones could serve as a cushion against further price drops. Investors will need to watch these technical levels closely, as the market navigates this period of heightened volatility.

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