Ethereum Price Plummets Amid Bitcoin’s Crash and Whale Liquidations

  • Mt. Gox has officially started reimbursing creditors impacted by its 2014 collapse.
  • Ethereum’s price plummeted to $2,825 and seemed poised for four consecutive bearish days.
  • In a dramatic turn of events, Bitcoin dipped to its lowest since February, stirring up the crypto market.

Discover the latest developments affecting Bitcoin and Ethereum prices with insights into whale activities and liquidation events.

Mt. Gox Repayments Cause Market Turbulence

The long-awaiting reimbursement process for creditors of the defunct Mt. Gox exchange has begun, marking a pivotal moment in the crypto world. This development has generated significant market reactions, leading to considerable volatility. Bitcoin was particularly affected, triggering a cascade of events that impacted the entire market.

Ethereum and Bitcoin Price Plunge

On the day of the announcement, Bitcoin tumbled below $55,000, its lowest point since February. This steep decline rippled through the market, causing Ethereum to also suffer substantial losses, with its price dropping below $3,000. Ethereum reached an intraday low of $2,820, emphasizing the severity of the downturn. The appearance of four consecutive red daily candles only underscored the broader market’s bearish sentiment.

Whale Activities Exacerbate Market Decline

Investor sentiment further weakened as large holders, commonly known as whales, began offloading significant quantities of Ethereum. According to on-chain data from LookOnChain, one notable wallet offloaded 26,600 ETH on the Aave protocol to settle outstanding debts. These large-scale sell-offs heightened pressure on Ethereum, contributing to its rapid price decline. Such market movements often lead to forced liquidation cascades, and this instance was no different.

Mass Liquidations Heighten Market Stress

The intense selling activity culminated in mass liquidations, with approximately $650 million worth of crypto assets wiped out within just 24 hours. This included $537 million in bullish positions. Ethereum did not escape unscathed, with over $130 million in long positions liquidated, further depressing its price. Ethereum Futures’ open interest across major exchanges saw a notable 12% decline during this tumultuous period, signifying a notable withdrawal of funds from the market.

Technical Analysis: ETH/USDT Under Pressure

The ETH/USDT pair has faced significant pressure, with losses extending into the fourth consecutive day. This prolonged bearish trend led the pair to break below the critical support levels, sliding under the 50-, 100-, and 200-day simple moving averages. Such a breach was last observed in August 2023, amidst broader market jitters triggered by news of SpaceX liquidating its Bitcoin holdings.

Ethereum’s recent performance, dropping to $2,920, has compounded a short-term bearish outlook. The cryptocurrency is trading about 40% below its all-time high, and analysts suggest it might encounter resistance at the $3,200 level, a benchmark it wrestled with between mid-April and mid-June.


The recent market upheaval underscores the significant impact of historic events, such as the Mt. Gox reimbursement process, on current market conditions. The pronounced movement in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices, exacerbated by whale activities and forced liquidations, highlights the ongoing volatility in the crypto sector. As the market responds to these developments, investors need to brace for potential future shifts, ensuring vigilant and informed trading decisions.

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