Federal Court of Australia Overturns Fine Against Block Earner Amid Cryptocurrency License Dispute

  • The Federal Court of Australia has overturned a fine previously imposed on Block Earner, recognizing the company’s diligent conduct in offering a cryptocurrency income product without holding a financial services license.
  • Initially, ASIC accused Block Earner of operating a managed investment scheme without the necessary financial services license.
  • The court acknowledged that Block Earner had relied on legal advice suggesting that a license was not required, thus ruling in favor of the company.

A detailed examination of the Federal Court’s ruling in favor of Block Earner, shedding light on the broader implications for cryptocurrency regulation in Australia.

Overview of the Legal Dispute Between ASIC and Block Earner

In November 2022, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) initiated legal proceedings against the fintech firm Block Earner. ASIC charged that Block Earner’s crypto products, Earner and DeFi Access, required financial services licenses, as they were deemed managed investment schemes. Consequently, Block Earner discontinued its Earner product on November 16, 2022, just before the litigation commenced.

ASIC’s Arguments and Block Earner’s Defense

ASIC contended that Block Earner’s products pooled investor funds for asset purchases, qualifying them as managed investment schemes. However, Block Earner countered this by presenting legal advice it had sought before launching the products, which indicated that a financial services license was not necessary. The company’s legal team defended that they had acted in compliance with regulatory guidelines and in good faith.

Court’s Ruling and Immediate Implications

On June 4, 2024, the Federal Court of Australia ruled in Block Earner’s favor, exempting the company from paying a substantial fine. Despite recognizing Block Earner’s good faith, Judge Ian Jackman noted the reputational damage and legal costs incurred by the company. The court decision emphasized that Block Earner had diligently sought legal advice, reflecting their intention to adhere to legal obligations.

Ongoing Scrutiny and Potential Regulatory Repercussions

Although the court decision was favorable for Block Earner, ASIC publicly announced its intention to review the ruling, suggesting possible further legal actions. This underscores the persistent regulatory uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrency and fintech enterprises in Australia. Previous court rulings, including one in February confirming Block Earner’s operation without necessary permissions, highlight ongoing regulatory challenges in this sector.

Future Outlook for Fintech Regulations

The Block Earner case serves as a critical reminder for fintech companies of the importance of regulatory compliance. While Block Earner successfully avoided a fine, the significant financial and reputational impacts underscore the potential risks businesses face amidst evolving financial regulations. Regulatory bodies worldwide are increasingly scrutinizing the cryptocurrency industry, stressing the necessity for firms to thoroughly understand and comply with all relevant legal requirements to mitigate such risks.


The Federal Court’s decision in favor of Block Earner marks a significant development in Australia’s cryptocurrency regulation landscape. Although escaping immediate financial penalties, the company continues to face reputational challenges and potential further regulatory actions. This case highlights the critical importance for fintech firms to remain vigilant and seek comprehensive legal advice to navigate the complex regulatory environment effectively.

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