Forcount Crypto Ponzi Scheme: Juan Tacuri Pleads Guilty in $8.4 Million Fraud Case

  • Juan Tacuri, 46, faces accountability after admitting his role in the fraudulent Forcount cryptocurrency scheme.
  • The scheme targeted Spanish-speaking investors, securing a substantial $8.4 million through deceitful practices.
  • This case exemplifies the serious consequences of crypto fraud, especially against vulnerable communities.

Discover how a major crypto Ponzi scheme was dismantled, resulting in a guilty plea from chief promoter Juan Tacuri.

Juan Tacuri Admits Guilt in Crypto Fraud Case

Damian Williams, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that Juan Tacuri entered a guilty plea before Judge Analisa Torres. Tacuri admitted to the charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, acknowledging his central role in duping investors with false promises of financial gains. Tacuri is now awaiting sentencing, which could see him face up to 20 years in prison. As part of his plea deal, he is required to forfeit nearly $4 million and various properties purchased with ill-gotten gains.

The Extent of the Fraud and Its Impact

The Forcount scheme, later rebranded as Weltsys, was marketed as a cryptocurrency mining and trading company. Investors were lured with guarantees of daily profits and the promise of doubling their money within six months. These promises were showcased at opulent expos and community gatherings aimed at persuading individuals to invest their hard-earned money. Victims contributed through cash, checks, wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies, only to find their funds inaccessible and their profits non-existent.

Mechanisms of the Forcount Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme

Forcount’s promoters, including Tacuri, created an illusion of substantial returns, even giving victims access to an online portal that falsely displayed high earnings. The reality, however, was starkly different. Most investors were unable to withdraw their funds and faced continuous delays and unreasonable fees when they tried. Additionally, Tacuri misrepresented the value of a proprietary crypto-token, Mindexcoin, contributing to further losses. Despite growing complaints and evident financial struggles of the investors, Tacuri continued to push the fraudulent investment opportunity.

False Promises and Financial Ruin

Victims, primarily from Spanish-speaking communities, found themselves ensnared in a complex web of deceit. When attempting to withdraw funds as early as April 2018, they were met with excuses and obstructions. The introduction of Mindexcoin as a supposed solution to liquidity issues provided false hope and resulted in additional losses. The scheme ultimately collapsed in 2021, with Tacuri and other promoters ceasing all communications and stopping payments altogether.


Juan Tacuri’s guilty plea marks a significant step in holding fraudulent actors accountable within the cryptocurrency space. The Forcount scheme serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks within the crypto market, emphasizing the need for heightened vigilance and regulatory oversight. As the financial community reflects on this case, the focus remains on safeguarding investors from similar fraudulent activities in the future. Tacuri’s sentencing, scheduled for September 24, 2024, will undoubtedly set a precedent for the punishment of crypto-related frauds targeting unsuspecting investors.

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