Former Attorney David Kagel Admits Guilt in $11M Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme, Faces Up to 5 Years in Prison

  • The cryptocurrency world has been rocked by a significant legal development.
  • Former attorney David Kagel has pleaded guilty to orchestrating a massive crypto Ponzi scheme.
  • This scandal serves as a critical reminder of the potential risks in crypto investments.

Discover the latest on David Kagel, the 85-year-old ex-attorney, caught in a staggering $9.5 million crypto Ponzi scheme.

Unraveling the Crypto Ponzi Scheme

David Kagel, once a respected legal professional in Beverly Hills, California, is now embroiled in a scandal that has defrauded countless investors. Kagel, along with his co-conspirators, deceived investors by promising extraordinary returns on their investments through a fabricated crypto investment opportunity. The scheme purportedly used advanced artificial intelligence trading bots to maximize profits in the volatile cryptocurrency markets.

To lure victims, the conspirators falsely claimed that Kagel was holding Bitcoin worth approximately $11 million in escrow as a safety net. This fraudulent assurance was intended to convince investors that their funds were secure, essentially using Kagel’s legal status as bait. Kagel further legitimized the operation by issuing deceptive letters on his law firm’s letterhead to cement the credibility of the sham investment venture.

Nicole M. Argentieri, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General, highlighted that Kagel leveraged his position of trust to masquerade the fraudulent scheme as a legitimate investment, leading to considerable financial losses for the victims. Argentieri pointed out the broader implications and potential damages when trusted legal professionals partake in fraudulent activities.

Kagel’s Legal Consequences and Pending Trials

With his guilty plea, Kagel now faces sentencing that could result in up to five years of imprisonment. The sentencing, set for September 10, marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing criminal investigation. Kagel has confessed to using the swindled funds for personal gain along with his accomplices.

Simultaneously, David Gilbert Saffron of Australia and Vincent Anthony Mazzotta Jr. of Los Angeles, accused of being part of the same scheme, await trial scheduled for August 13. Operating under various aliases such as Circle Society, Bitcoin Wealth Management, and Cloud9Capital, they allegedly misused victims’ investments for lavish personal expenses instead of the promised crypto investments.

The funds that were supposed to be traded in cryptocurrency were reportedly spent on luxurious items and services, including private jet charters, high-end hotel stays, renting private mansions, hiring personal chefs, and securing private guards.


The unraveling of this intricate crypto Ponzi scheme underscores the importance of vigilance and thorough due diligence when investing in cryptocurrencies. The downfall of David Kagel serves as a stark reminder of how even trusted professionals can exploit their status for fraudulent purposes. As the legal proceedings continue, the affected victims hope for justice and retribution, while the crypto community must remain cautious to prevent such duplicitous schemes.

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