FTX Bankruptcy Update: Creditors Seek In-Kind Crypto Payments Amid Restructuring Plan

  • The collapse of the FTX exchange in November 2022 left many users without access to their funds, causing widespread concern in the crypto community.
  • Subsequent to the abrupt halt in withdrawals, FTX was hacked, leading to further complications for its users and stakeholders.
  • FTX’s founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, faced legal consequences, culminating in a lengthy prison sentence of over 20 years, but creditors are still awaiting reimbursement.

FTX exchange’s bankruptcy continues to leave creditors in limbo as recent developments unfold, highlighting the complexities of reclaiming lost cryptocurrencies.

New Chapter for FTX Creditors

On June 25, a crucial hearing addressed the grievances of FTX creditors, with the exchange’s bankruptcy proceedings still underway. Despite declaring bankruptcy in November 2022, the process of refunding defrauded clients hasn’t commenced. The bankruptcy hearing, presided over by Judge John Dorsey of the US Delaware Bankruptcy Court, focused on the exchange’s proposed restructuring plan, which requires the judge’s approval before creditors can cast their votes.

FTX’s restructuring blueprint, unveiled in May, intends to distribute 118% of claims to 98% of its creditors, with a provision for claims under $50,000 to receive a compensated refund. This plan hinges on the consent of the creditors, anticipated to be gauged through a voting process.

Disagreements Among Stakeholders

Several creditor representatives have expressed a preference for receiving repayments in cryptocurrency rather than in US dollars converted from the bankrupt exchange’s token prices. Given the considerable appreciation of cryptocurrencies since November 2022, this option could be more advantageous for creditors. Andrew Dietderich, an attorney for FTX, affirmed that the restructuring plan was designed with broad consensus and intended to collect feedback from creditors through the upcoming voting.

David Adler, representing the creditors, criticized the current plan, arguing that customers would benefit significantly from receiving their cryptocurrencies back. He noted that in-kind payments could result in notable tax advantages, questioning why such a straightforward solution seemed impeded.

Key Considerations for Creditors

Creditors should heed the following points:

  • Cryptocurrency repayments could potentially avoid taxable events as per US tax regulations.
  • Receiving in-kind payments may lead to substantial tax benefits.
  • Stay informed about upcoming hearings scheduled for July 17 and August 15 to track any pivotal developments.
  • Engage actively in the voting process to ensure their preferences are considered.

Although creditors are optimistic that their preferences will shape the outcome of future hearings, FTX’s strategy of converting assets to cash remains a significant hurdle. As the legal battles continue, the resolution on how creditors will ultimately be compensated is still up in the air.


In summary, while recent efforts have aimed at addressing the compensation issues faced by FTX creditors, significant challenges persist. The choice between receiving repayments in cryptocurrency or USD remains a contentious topic, with potential tax implications adding to the complexity. As further hearings approach, the engagement of creditors in the voting process will be crucial in shaping the final resolution. The journey to resolution may be far from over, but navigating these developments remains essential for all involved parties.

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