German Government Continues Bitcoin Sell-Off, Transfers Over $17.64 Million BTC to Exchanges

  • The German government continues its trend of selling Bitcoin (BTC), adding to the downward pressure on the cryptocurrency’s price.
  • According to data from blockchain analytics platform Arkham, the German authorities transferred 832.74 Bitcoin around 11:20 AM (UTC+3) today.
  • The transfers included 100 BTC to Coinbase, 150 BTC to Bitstamp, and 32.74 BTC to Kraken, amounting to a total value of approximately $17.64 million.

The German government is intensifying its Bitcoin sell-off, creating significant selling pressure on the cryptocurrency market.

Increased Selling Pressure from German Government

Onlookers in the cryptocurrency space have noticed a mounting selling pressure stemming from the German government’s liquidation of Bitcoin. According to Arkham, a blockchain analytics firm, German officials executed a significant transaction this morning, transferring 832.74 BTC. Speculations abound regarding the rationale behind these sales, with some suggesting it’s an effort to consolidate assets recovered from various operations.

Details of the Bitcoin Transfers

The German government’s transactions saw 100 BTC transferred to Coinbase, 150 BTC to Bitstamp, and 32.74 BTC to Kraken, totaling $17.64 million in value as per current market prices. Apart from these known exchanges, an additional 550 BTC were transferred to an undisclosed wallet, further fueling the uncertainties and intrigue within the market.

Significant Holdings and Previous Transfers

Recent data reveals that Germany holds one of the most substantial Bitcoin wallets globally, containing over $2.74 billion in BTC. Previously, authorities moved 1,500 BTC worth $94.9 million to various addresses. This massive holding primarily stems from BTC confiscated during cybersecurity operations, including a notable raid on a pirate movie site earlier this year.

Comparable Actions by Other Governments

Interestingly, Germany is not isolated in these actions. The U.S. government also conducted similar operations, transferring 3,375 Ethereum tokens to an unidentified address earlier this week. These movements by significant governmental bodies indicate a broader strategy, possibly hinting at market-regulating tactics or asset reallocation protocols.


To wrap up, the consistent sell-off by the German government introduces notable volatility and selling pressure in the Bitcoin market. With substantial holdings and recent transactions, the government’s actions are likely to influence BTC prices in the short term. Market participants should stay vigilant and informed about government actions, as these can have considerable impacts on market dynamics and cryptocurrency valuations.

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