IMX Token Unlock: Anticipation Builds as $40.59 Million Worth of Tokens Set to Release Tomorrow

  • This coming week, the cryptocurrency market is closely observing a significant event where $277.43 million worth of tokens will be unlocked.
  • One crucial token involved in this event is the IMX token from the Ethereum Layer-2 network Immutable X, set for an unlock tomorrow.
  • Such events have the potential to impact token prices significantly, making it essential for investors to be well-informed and proactive.

Stay ahead in the cryptocurrency game with key insights on upcoming token unlock events. Learn about the impact of a significant $277.43 million token release, including the high-stakes IMX token unlock scheduled for tomorrow.

Understanding the Immutable X Token Unlock Event

Token unlock events are critical occurrences in the cryptocurrency space, often causing fluctuations in token prices. Token Unlocks, a platform that tracks these events, reports a major upcoming event with $277.43 million worth of tokens set to be unlocked this week. Notably, the IMX token, which operates on the Ethereum Layer-2 network Immutable X, will unlock tokens equivalent to 2.15% of its total supply, valued at $40.59 million. Investors are paying close attention as the IMX token’s unlock time at 03:00 tomorrow approaches.

IMX Token Performance Analysis

In recent months, IMX has experienced considerable selling pressure, with investors looking for support regions. The daily charts indicate a struggle to establish firm support levels, yet a double bottom pattern has recently emerged, suggesting a potential upward trend. Key support levels to monitor are $1.22 and $1.14, with the latter being particularly critical. If prices fall below this, IMX could face increased selling pressure. On the resistance side, levels at $1.31 and $1.43 are pivotal, with a close above $1.43 possibly driving the IMX price higher.

Investor Insights and Strategic Takeaways

From the upcoming IMX token unlock, several investor strategies and insights can be derived:

  • Substantial new token supply could affect IMX prices, necessitating close market observation.
  • Crucial support and resistance levels can provide pivotal trading cues.
  • The double bottom formation hints at a possible price resurgence, underscoring the importance of technical analysis.


As the IMX token unlock event approaches, investors should remain vigilant. With a sizeable amount of tokens entering the market, carefully watching key chart patterns and support/resistance levels will be essential for making well-informed investment choices. The potential for significant price movements means that strategic planning and quick reactions could be highly advantageous.

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