Analyst Shocks: ADA and XRP Declared Dead! Check Out These 4 Altcoins

  • Crypto Banter platform’s Dylan’s Trading Show recently highlighted a crucial analysis for altcoin investors.
  • The analyst emphasized the importance of monitoring market dominance in altcoin investments.
  • One noteworthy observation is that the current downtrend in market dominance is seen as a positive signal for altcoins.

This crypto news article dissects the latest market analysis, offering insights and strategic recommendations for altcoin investors.

Analyzing Market Dominance Trends in Altcoins

In recent discussions on Crypto Banter’s platform, the focus has been on analyzing market dominance trends and their implications for altcoin investments. The analyst suggested that a downtrend in dominance could herald significant opportunities for altcoin investors. Currently, the market dominance is declining, characterized by lower highs, and if it continues to drop to around 54%, it could catalyze a bullish movement in altcoins.

Impact of CPI Announcements on Altcoin Markets

According to the analyst, an upcoming announcement concerning the Consumer Price Index (CPI) holds critical importance. A further decrease in market dominance ahead of the CPI release could set the stage for notable altcoin rallies. This potential scenario includes a sharp drop followed by a strong recovery, which may break existing trends and promote new highs. However, the caution against investing in ‘dead’ altcoins such as ADA and XRP remains stern.

Solana and Key Support Levels

Solana (SOL) was placed under the microscope, with its key support level identified between $137 and $139. The analyst stressed the importance of maintaining this support to avoid a downtrend that might breach the 200-day moving average, the 382 Fibonacci level, and critical horizontal supports. Losing this support can have negative implications for SOL’s price movement.

Ethereum’s Movements Under Scrutiny

Ethereum (ETH) has also been in the spotlight. The analyst observed that Bitcoin was recently rejected at the 200-day moving average. The three-day chart indicates that ETH is approaching this critical level, which could result in significant price actions within the altcoin market if breached. Targets of $3350 and $3500 were set should ETH continue its upward trajectory above the moving average.

Critical Upcoming Moves for Altcoin Market

The anticipated scenario involves an upward breakout followed by a minor pullback. If this upward movement holds, it may signal important rallies in the altcoin market. Conversely, a rejection could indicate challenging times ahead. Ethereum’s potential aggressive upward movement could positively impact other altcoins like PEPE. The plan is to watch for ETH’s breakthrough of the 200-day moving average, expecting similar upward momentum in PEPE.

Monitoring FTM and STX

Fantom (FTM) has shown a recent rise and subsequent pullback, revealing a significant resistance level. Should the market move positively, these points could serve as pivotal levels for an upward response, with entry points suggested around $0.45 and $0.42. Stacks (STX) has broken trends and shows signals for an upward pullback, recommending an entry at $1.437 but also preparing for potential weaknesses to the 618 Fibonacci level by setting stop orders.


Overall, the analysis presents an optimistic outlook for altcoin investors, though dynamic market conditions require constant vigilance. These insights and strategic recommendations should support more informed investment decisions. As always, investors should conduct their own research to guide their investment choices.

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