Investor Multiplies Wealth by 385x with Solana-Based DADDY Memecoin

  • In an astonishing turn of events, a memecoin investor managed to magnify their investment by an astounding 385 times in just a matter of days.
  • Named DADDY, this memecoin, associated with the Solana ecosystem and related to Andrew Tate, was only launched a few days ago.
  • A striking incident reported by Lookonchain showcases an investor withdrawing 4.86 Solana (approximately $780) from FixedFloat to invest in DADDY.

Discover how a savvy crypto investor turned $780 into over $267,000 in mere days, navigating the volatile world of memecoins.

Investor Turns $780 into $267,400 with DADDY Memecoin

As reported by the blockchain analysis platform Lookonchain, an investor made a bold move by purchasing 3.71 million DADDY tokens with just 4.5 Solana (around $728). This impressive feat was achieved within a span of five days. The investor then sold all his DADDY holdings for 1,736.1 Solana, equivalent to approximately $267,400, thereby multiplying their initial investment 385 times.

Substantial Gains Amidst Growing Interest in Memecoins

The crypto community is no stranger to speculative investments in memecoins, but this trader’s success with DADDY stands out. Following his windfall, he diversified his investment into four other memecoins: DJT, FatNigga, FTRISTAN, and Donatella. Unfortunately, none of these subsequent investments yielded significant returns, underscoring the unpredictable nature of this market.

Speculations of Insider Trading Surrounding DADDY Token

Notably, the rapid gains sparked conversations about possible insider trading. According to Bubblemaps, several addresses managed to acquire 20% of the total DADDY supply just before Andrew Tate began promoting it. This timing has prompted further scrutiny and suggests that those with prior knowledge may have reaped substantial profits.

Impact of High-Profile Endorsements on Crypto Markets

The incident underscores the significant influence of high-profile endorsements on cryptocurrency investments. Andrew Tate’s public endorsement of DADDY likely played a pivotal role in its initial surge. However, it also raises questions about market fairness and the potential advantages of insider information. Lookonchain speculates that the investor’s success with DADDY may be attributed either to exceptional luck or having access to privileged information.


This remarkable instance of rapid wealth generation highlights the volatile yet opportunistic nature of the crypto market, especially concerning memecoins. While the gains from DADDY were extraordinary, the lack of success with subsequent memecoin investments serves as a cautionary tale. Investors should remain vigilant and consider the inherent risks, even when engaging in seemingly lucrative opportunities.

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