Joe Biden Recruits Crypto Advocate Carole House Ahead of Presidential Elections

  • President Joe Biden has made a strategic addition to his team with a pro-crypto figure.
  • One of the authors of Biden’s 2022 executive order on cryptocurrencies, Carole House, has rejoined the Biden administration.
  • House’s new role marks a significant shift in the administration’s stance towards digital assets, signaling more robust policies.

President Biden recruits pro-crypto Carole House, signaling potential shift in U.S. crypto policy.

Pro-Crypto Advisor Joins Biden Administration Ahead of Elections

President Joe Biden has appointed Carole House to a significant position within his team as the upcoming presidential elections draw near. House, known for her role in drafting Biden’s 2022 executive order on cryptocurrencies, is set to work closely with the National Security Council.

Carole House’s Dual Focus: Critical Infrastructure and Cybersecurity

According to a recent LinkedIn update, Carole House will serve as a senior advisor to the National Security Council at the White House. Her responsibilities will include shaping policies related to critical infrastructure and cybersecurity. House expressed her honor at having the opportunity to contribute to “the future of secure digital economies.”

House’s Extensive Background and Pragmatic Approach

Before her new role, House was a director at Terranet Ventures, a firm involved in the cryptocurrency sector. Her career also includes advisory positions at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Security Council. House has consistently emphasized the need for clear cryptocurrency regulations, which could now become a focal point for the Biden administration.

Industry Endorsements and Optimism

Dave Grimaldi, an executive at Blockchain Association, is optimistic about House’s influence, stating that her “pragmatic approach” will significantly benefit Biden’s team. This endorsement highlights the industry’s support for House’s balanced perspective on regulatory clarity and innovation.

Heightened Political Importance of Cryptocurrencies

As the U.S. presidential elections approach, cryptocurrencies have gained substantial political importance. Donald Trump, a presidential candidate, has openly stated, “If you support crypto, vote for Trump.” Trump is also expected to make an appearance at one of the largest Bitcoin events this year, showcasing his support for the digital currency.

Biden Administration’s Evolving Stance

In response to the growing political focus on cryptocurrencies, the Biden administration appears to be adopting a more favorable stance towards digital assets. This strategic shift could be instrumental in shaping future U.S. cryptocurrency policies, making it a hot topic in the ongoing political discourse.


With Carole House joining the Biden administration, the future of U.S. cryptocurrency regulation may witness a significant transformation. Her extensive background and industry endorsements suggest that her influence will be pivotal in driving clear and effective policies. As the presidential elections loom, both Biden and Trump are leveraging cryptocurrency stances to shape voter perspectives, underscoring the digital asset’s critical role in modern political campaigns.

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