Justin Bons Calls Bitcoin a Memecoin, Labels Investments as Gambling

  • Investing in memecoins has been likened to gambling by Cyber Capital’s founder, Justin Bons.
  • Bons asserts that Layer 1 assets offer better investment opportunities due to their solid fundamentals.
  • Interestingly, Bons also categorized Bitcoin as a memecoin, suggesting its fundamentals are overhyped.

Cyber Capital’s Justin Bons sparks debate by comparing memecoin investments to gambling and labeling Bitcoin as a memecoin.

Bons Labels Bitcoin and Memecoins as Gambling Assets

Justin Bons, the founder of Cyber Capital, has stirred the crypto space with his assertion that memecoin investments should be categorized as gambling rather than investing. According to Bons, true investors engage in thorough research of asset fundamentals, a quality he believes memecoins lack by definition.

Memecoins vs. Layer 1 Assets: A Fundamental Perspective

Bons argues that the current hype surrounding memecoins is largely detached from any substantive value proposition. He contends that serious investors should focus on Layer 1 assets, which are foundational technologies with real-world applications and inherent value. In his view, trading memecoins lacks the due diligence associated with traditional investing, aligning more with speculative gambling.

Sparking Controversy: Bitcoin as a Memecoin

Bons’s statement that Bitcoin itself is a memecoin added fuel to the fire, inciting a mixed reaction from the crypto community. He elaborated on this by stating his skepticism about Bitcoin’s fundamentals, claiming they are significantly overhyped. Bons mentioned that his investment interests lie in areas like Layer 1 technologies and DeFi projects, sectors he believes have robust fundamentals and growth potential.

Industry Reactions to Bons’s Comments

The crypto community on X was quick to react, with various stakeholders offering their perspectives. Podcaster Hotep Jesus countered Bons, emphasizing that definitions should not be altered to suit individual viewpoints. Bons’s remark even drew analogies from traditional financial markets, as some compared his stance to Warren Buffett’s critical view of Bitcoin as a ‘gambling token’ lacking intrinsic value.

The Ongoing Debate: Bitcoin’s Value Proposition

Despite such criticism, there is a strong faction within the financial community that advocates for Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. Notable figures like Anthony Scaramucci from SkyBridge Capital have highlighted Bitcoin’s potential to counteract inflationary pressures, underscoring its value as a digital asset. This ongoing debate captures the polarized views surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large.

Performance of Memecoins

Interestingly, despite lacking traditional fundamentals, memecoins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Dogwifhat have shown significant market performance. Their popularity seems to be driven more by community support and market speculation than by any intrinsic value, yet they command a notable presence in the digital asset market.


In conclusion, the categorization of memecoin investments as gambling has prompted significant debate within the crypto community. Justin Bons’s perspective adds an intriguing layer to the discussion, challenging the conventional wisdom of what constitutes valuable investment. As the industry evolves, a clearer understanding and distinction between speculative trading and fundamental investing will continue to shape the dialogue.

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