Latest Updates on SHIB, PENDLE Coin and 5 Other Altcoins: Key Market Movements and Trends

  • Leading cryptocurrency exchange OKX has announced it will be listing ZERO. A whale has deposited a large amount of PENDLE Coin into Binance. Shia Inu’s Shibarium has completed its Hard Fork. Read on for more…
  • There are news from PENDLE Coin and 6 altcoins!
  • OKX will list ZeroLend (ZERO)

Get the latest updates on cryptocurrency news including major moves by OKX, Binance, and Shia Inu. Stay informed with our detailed analysis.

OKX to List ZeroLend (ZERO)

As you may know, the listing updates of cryptocurrency exchanges are continuing at full speed. Leading Bitcoin exchange OKX has announced that it will start spot trading for ZeroLend (ZERO). The exchange shared the following schedule:

Whales Market Announces Pre-Market Launch of UpRock (UPT)

Solana’s on-chain pre-sale market, Whales Market, has announced that it will start futures trading for UpRock’s token, UPT, which is a decentralized AI network information analysis platform. UpRock will soon be showcased on JupiterLaunchpad. The project also announced its UPT distribution roadmap and confirmed that it will provide an airdrop for JUP voters.

A Whale Deposits 750,000 PENDLE Coin into Binance

On-chain observer SpotOnChain detected that within the last 24 hours, the 0x982 wallet deposited 750,000 PENDLE Coin (worth $3.34 million) into Binance at an average price of $4.46. The wallet still holds 200,000 PENDLE Coin (worth $926,000).

MOCA Foundation Announces Date for MOCA Token Distribution

The MOCA Foundation has announced that the public offering of MOCA tokens has ended. The final distribution results of the MOCA token issuance activity will be announced on May 7. The project will also carry out token distribution around May 24.

FRIEND Drops More Than 28% in Short Time

The new local token FRIEND for the Web3 social media platform FriendTech began trading on the local decentralized exchange on the Base network. According to DexScreener, FRIEND was trading at $3 with a circulation supply of 14.5 million. However, FRIEND quickly lost altitude and fell below $2, seeing a drop of more than 28% in the last hour.

Eternal AI Launches EAI Token TGE

Eternal AI, an artificial intelligence infrastructure on the Bitcoin Blockchain, announced the launch of the EAI token TGE. Users can go to the EAI public sale page on Naka Launchpad to claim EAI tokens. According to announcements, EAI will start trading on DEX on May 17.

Shiba Inu Completes Hard Fork of Shibarium

Shibarium, the layer-2 solution of Shiba Inu, has completed its Hard Fork according to a recent announcement. This Hard Fork brings transformative changes to Shibarium. The new hard fork is expected to bring “very fast” transactions and “predictable” gas fees.


This week in cryptocurrency saw major moves by exchanges OKX and Binance, as well as developments from various altcoins including ZERO, UPT, PENDLE, MOCA, FRIEND, EAI, and SHIB. As the market continues to evolve, staying informed is more important than ever. Keep an eye on these coins as they continue to make waves in the crypto world.

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