Lido Leads Ethereum Staking with 28.76% Share Amid MetaMask’s New Feature Launch

  • Ethereum staking continues to evolve, with platforms like Lido and MetaMask introducing new features.
  • The latest addition is MetaMask’s pooled staking feature, allowing more flexibility for smaller investors.
  • The adoption of staking services has seen significant growth since Ethereum’s shift to Proof of Stake (PoS).

Discover the latest advancements in Ethereum staking and how MetaMask’s new feature is set to reshape the landscape.

MetaMask Introduces Pooled Staking for Ethereum

Recently, ConsenSys shed light on a new Ethereum staking feature from MetaMask, designed to democratize the staking process. This update permits Ethereum holders to engage in staking with less than the traditional 32 ETH requirement, thus lowering the entry barrier.

Usually, staking Ethereum necessitates locking up a substantial 32 ETH, valued at around $112,000 at current market rates.

However, MetaMask’s innovation isn’t breaking new ground. Established players like Lido and Rocket Pool have been offering similar services, bridging the gap for smaller stakers.

For instance, Lido grants users stETH in return for their staked ETH, which can be leveraged for various DeFi activities. Notably, MetaMask’s service will not follow this model and will be unavailable to users in the US and UK.

Lido’s Dominance in Ethereum Staking

Supported by Consensys Staking, MetaMask’s pooled staking finds itself in a competitive ecosystem. An analysis via Dune Analytics reveals that Consensys manages roughly 101,000 ETH and operates about 3,000 validators, placing them 28th among staking platforms.

More broadly, over 33 million Ethereum has been staked to date, roughly 27.56% of the total ETH supply.

Lido emerges as the frontrunner, holding 28.76% of the total staked Ethereum. This translates to approximately 9.5 million ETH staked, managed by around 297,000 validators, securing Lido’s position as the largest staking platform.

Decline in New Ethereum Stakers

Interestingly, while the total amount of staked Ethereum continues to rise, the influx of new stakers shows a downward trend.

Data from CryptoQuant indicates a sharp drop in new daily depositors, plunging from over 3,700 on 9th June to about 540 more recently.

The decline in new stakers may suggest a market saturation point or apprehensions about staking returns and regulatory challenges.


The Ethereum staking landscape is rapidly evolving, with new features and platforms vying for market share. MetaMask’s entry into pooled staking could democratize access further, but it faces stiff competition from established players like Lido. Understanding the dynamics of these offerings and the shifting patterns of staker engagement will be crucial for investors navigating this space.

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