Long-Term Bitcoin Investors Unaffected by BTC Price Drop!

  • Bitcoin price managed to stay above 28 thousand dollars.
  • The number of Bitcoin HODLers continues to increase.

Although downward movements are seen in Bitcoin, long-term Bitcoin investors insist that they are not affected by them.

Long-Term Investors Are Not Affected by Declines!

According to data, investors continue to be the main dynamic among long-term holders. “Long-term holder” (LTH) group is a Bitcoin cohort that includes all investors who have held their cryptocurrencies for at least 155 days.

A metric called “Supple Last Active Age Bands” can break down the total supply held by each “age band” currently in the market. Cryptocurrencies are divided into these age groups based on the total time they have been dormant in the blockchain.

Using this metric, not only the overall supply of LTHs is monitored, but also the behaviors of different segments of this group can be examined.

In the current context of the discussion, the relevant sections of LTHs are those who have held coins for at least one year. Specifically, the age groups considered here are the 1+ year, 2+ year, 3+ year, 4+ year, and 5+ year groups.

Here is a graph showing the trend in the supply of these LTHs throughout the history of the cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin Long-Term Holder Supply

Note that there are no upper limits for these age groups. This means that younger groups also include the materials of older groups. For example, the 1+ year group includes the combined data of all other groups since it is the youngest group.

Now, it can be seen from the above graph that all these Bitcoin age groups have been increasing in recent months, indicating that investors in the market are holding their cryptocurrencies for long enough to mature to these intervals.

BTC has experienced quite a high volatility recently, but these investors have not shown any significant changes in their supply.

Currently, the supply of the 1+ year cohort accounts for 67.5% of the total BTC supply, which is a very significant figure. As previously stated, percentages naturally decrease with each subsequent group since their supplies cannot be larger than those of the higher group.

Overall, the longer an investor holds their cryptocurrencies, the less likely they are to sell at any point. This is partly because the older the cryptocurrencies are, the more likely they are to be permanently lost (because their wallet keys are no longer accessible).

From the graph, it can be seen that larger age groups generally experience less fluctuation than younger groups. This interesting trend shows that the statistical fact mentioned above is at work.

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