Memereum Sees Massive Pre-Sale Demand with Over 1 Million Tokens Sold in Hours

  • Memereum, leveraging the decentralized exchange MemeSwap, has recently experienced a surge in demand during its pre-sale, selling over 1 million tokens in just a few hours and closing in on the 26 million tokens sold mark.
  • The project’s innovative approach includes offering blockchain insurance through MemeSwap, which has set it apart from other decentralized platforms.
  • According to CoinDesk, despite Bitcoin’s price recovery, short-term holders are currently incurring losses, potentially influencing sell activities and the breach of the $65,000 support level.

Memereum’s recent pre-sale success emphasizes its potential as an innovative player in the blockchain insurance space through the decentralized exchange MemeSwap.

Bitcoin Price Uncertainty

In recent developments, Bitcoin’s price recovery has not been sufficient to alleviate losses for short-term holders. This scenario could impact trading activities, possibly causing the crucial $65,000 support level to be tested. Insights from CoinDesk highlight how these short-term dynamics are influencing the broader market sentiment and trading volumes.

Memereum’s Unique Offering

Memereum has gained attention with the launch of MemeSwap Beta, which uniquely combines decentralized exchange functionality with a blockchain insurance feature for select tokens. This initiative aims to provide a safeguard against the devaluation of fiat currencies and certain digitized assets.

Memereum’s Pre-Sale Structure

Currently priced at $0.041 in its pre-sale, Memereum anticipates a potential increase to a launch price that could be tenfold. The pre-sale structure incorporates a strategic price increment every 72 hours to encourage early participation, offering a lucrative opportunity for early investors.

Staking Rewards Program

Memereum offers an automatic staking system boasting an annual percentage yield (APY) of 183%. This high yield positions Memereum as an attractive option for those looking to explore new investment opportunities in the crypto space, providing substantial rewards to its participants.

About Memereum (MEME)

Memereum’s appeal lies in its innovative approach within the blockchain sector and growing community support. As the first blockchain insurance provider with an integrated decentralized exchange (DEX), Memereum facilitates token trades with supported insurance. Interested readers can learn more about Memereum by visiting their official site.


Memereum’s achievements in the pre-sale phase and unique offerings underscore its potential in the blockchain landscape. Investors and enthusiasts should keep an eye on its developments, though always conducting personal research and risk assessments before making any investment decisions.

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