New York Attorney General Sues NovaTechFx Over $1 Billion Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme Fraud

  • Recent developments saw New York Attorney General Letitia James take decisive action against two major cryptocurrency entities, NovaTechFx and AWS Mining.
  • The lawsuit brought forward massive illegal pyramid schemes purportedly orchestrated by these companies, impacting over 11,000 individuals.
  • Attorney General James’s statement highlighted the significant financial losses exceeding a billion dollars, underscoring the severity of the alleged fraud.

New York Attorney General sues NovaTechFx and AWS Mining for their involvement in a massive $1 billion cryptocurrency fraud scheme targeting vulnerable communities.

$1 Billion Fraud Scheme Exposed

On June 6, the Attorney General’s office announced a lawsuit against NovaTechFx, its founders Cynthia and Eddy Petion, and AWS Mining, alleging their roles in orchestrating illegal pyramid schemes. These schemes promised substantial returns to investors, leading many to invest significant sums of cryptocurrency.

The suit claims that the primary victims were from immigrant communities, particularly Haitian New Yorkers. They were enticed through multiple channels, including prayer groups, social media, and WhatsApp chats, with promises of financial gains that never materialized.

Attorney General James disclosed that investors had deposited over one billion dollars into NovaTech between 2019 and 2023. Astonishingly, out of this massive amount, less than $26 million was actually traded on the platform, raising serious concerns about financial malpractice.

Impact on Vulnerable Communities

In her statement, Attorney General James stressed the adverse consequences these fraudulent activities have had on immigrant and religious communities. She pointed out the false assurances given to thousands of New Yorkers, resulting in the loss of their money and life savings. Her remarks emphasized the significant breach of trust and the severe impact on the lives of vulnerable investors.

AWS Mining, on the other hand, promised its investors monthly returns that ranged from 15 to 20 percent, along with bonuses for recruiting others. However, the company failed to deliver these returns, causing significant financial losses once it collapsed in 2019.

Legal Repercussions and Compensation Efforts

The lawsuit seeks to bar AWS Mining, NovaTech, and their founders from engaging in any securities or commodities business within New York. Additionally, the lawsuit aims for disgorgement and damages to provide restitution to the defrauded investors.

Even after AWS Mining collapsed, its founders Cynthia and Eddy Petion launched NovaTechFx and continued similar fraudulent activities. Their modus operandi remained the same, banking on promises of high returns and recruitment bonuses to lure in new investors.

Renold Julien, the Executive Director of Konbit Neg Lakay, highlighted the plight of many Haitian New Yorkers and the importance of protecting them from such exploitative schemes. He applauded Attorney General James for her action, emphasizing the dire need to safeguard vulnerable communities.


The lawsuit against NovaTechFx and AWS Mining underscores the need for stringent regulations and vigilant scrutiny in the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. The deplorable impact on immigrant communities serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that exist within these financial ecosystems. This move by Attorney General Letitia James is a step towards ensuring accountability, protecting investors, and offering a blueprint for a more secure and transparent financial future.

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