ORDI Leads Weekly Crypto Winners with 25% Surge, Stacks and Kaspa Follow

  • This week has been eventful for the cryptocurrency market, featuring some notable gainers and losers.
  • While ORDI, Stacks, and Kaspa emerged as top gainers, Beam, Celestia, and Lido DAO took a downturn.
  • Investors are paying close attention to these trends, seeking insights into market dynamics and future implications.

Discover this week’s significant movements in the cryptocurrency market, exploring top gainers and losers with detailed insights.

Top Gainers of the Week

The cryptocurrency market witnessed notable performances this week, with ORDI, Stacks, and Kaspa emerging as the top gainers.


ORDI exhibited a remarkable upward trend this week. The early pace was set by a slight decline of 4.56%, taking the price from approximately $47.50 to around $45.00. However, the asset quickly rebounded, showcasing significant growth.

On June 3rd, ORDI experienced a notable 6% surge, bringing its price back to the $47 mark. This momentum continued the next day with a sharp 17% rise, propelling the price above $55. By week’s end, ORDI was trading close to $59.

According to CoinMarketCap, ORDI led the gainers with an impressive rise of over 25%. At the time of writing, its price had further climbed over 4% to exceed $61. The market cap reached approximately $1.3 billion, although the trading volume witnessed a decrease of about 30%, standing at around $314 million.

Stacks [STX]

Stacks marked significant gains this week. Despite a sluggish start, with a price of around $1.80, it gained momentum from June 3rd onward.

By mid-week, the price had hit a high of approximately $2.48 before settling at $2.24 by the week’s close. Currently, STX is trading at approximately $2.27, reflecting a strong performance.

The market capitalization of Stacks stands at around $3.3 billion, although it experienced some decline over the past 24 hours. Trading volume notably dropped by over 50%, resting at around $145 million.

Kaspa [KAS]

Kaspa started the week at around $0.14 and exhibited a solid upward trajectory.

It managed to reach the $0.19 range during the week but later receded to $0.16 by the week’s end. Despite the drop, Kaspa maintained its position as the third-largest gainer, with a 15% increase.

With a market capitalization of approximately $3.8 billion, Kaspa shows robust potential, though it experienced a 5% market cap decline and a significant 40% drop in trading volume, now around $67 million.

Top Losers of the Week

On the flip side, Beam, Celestia, and Lido DAO faced significant declines, marking them as the biggest losers of the week.

Beam [BEAM]

Beam had a challenging week, starting at around $0.27 and continually declining to approximately $0.22 by the week’s end. This translated to a 20.8% decline, making it the week’s biggest loser.

Currently trading at around $0.23, Beam’s market cap has decreased by over 3% to approximately $1.1 billion, with trading volumes also dropping by 40%, now standing at $13.8 million.

Celestia [TIA]

Celestia had a rough week, initiating at $11.46 and falling to $9.10 by week’s end. This translates to a loss of over 20% for the week.

With a market cap standing now at around $1.7 billion, Celestia saw a decline of over 6% in the past 24 hours. Trading volume also fell significantly, reducing by 50% to approximately $75 million.

Lido DAO [LDO]

Lido DAO started the week around $2.30 but faced steady declines, dropping below its support line to approximately $1.90 by the end of the week, marking a 4.8% drop.

According to CoinMarketCap, Lido DAO’s market cap decreased by over 5%, standing at around $1.7 billion, with its trading volume dropping by over 20%, to around $143 million.


This week’s cryptocurrency performance highlights the volatile nature of the market with significant gains and losses. It’s crucial for investors to remain vigilant and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

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