ORDI Price Surges 30% in a Week Amid Strong Bullish Sentiment

  • ORDI demonstrates a significant price increase of 30% over the last week.
  • Holder sentiment leans heavily bullish across the ORDI market.
  • Recent data underscores the momentum behind ORDI’s upward trend.

Discover why ORDI’s price surged 30% in a week and what the future holds for this promising cryptocurrency.

Bullish Sentiment Drives ORDI’s Price Surge

In the past week, ORDI, a cryptocurrency token tied to the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol, experienced a remarkable 30% price increase. This rally occurred even in the middle of a broader market correction, highlighting a shift in market sentiment. As of today, ORDI stands at $59.46, a peak it hasn’t reached since April 12, according to Santiment’s data.

Holder Sentiment Reaches Multi-Month High

The bullish market sentiment is a major factor behind ORDI’s price surge. Weighted sentiment, a key indicator of market mood, hit a three-month high of 3.49 on June 5. This metric, which is currently at 2.36, underscores the overwhelmingly positive discussions around ORDI on social media platforms, indicating a growing expectation among holders of a continued price increase.

Futures Market Activity Bolsters Bullish Outlook

Insights from the Futures market provide further evidence of ORDI’s bullish momentum. Funding rates for ORDI have remained positive since May 1, suggesting significant demand for long positions. A positive funding rate is typically seen as bullish and often precedes sustained price growth. Presently, ORDI’s funding rate sits at 0.0023%, cementing this positive outlook.

Open Interest Indicates Strong Market Participation

Open interest in ORDI Futures also points to an increasing market interest. With a current value of $294 million, it has reached its highest point since April 13, according to Coinglass. This rising open interest signifies an increase in trader participation, often a bullish indicator for the underlying asset.

Technical Indicators Support Further Gains

ORDI’s technical setup on the 1-day chart suggests there could be more room for growth in the short term. Various key indicators reinforce this bullish trend. For instance, the Elder-Ray Index, which measures the strength of buying and selling pressures, is positive at 15.95. This positive value shows that bullish forces dominate the market.

MACD Signals Continuing Uptrend

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) line for ORDI, which represents the short-term average, stands above the signal and zero lines, indicating a bullish trend. This alignment suggests that ORDI’s short-term price movements are likely to continue surpassing its long-term average, reinforcing the bullish sentiment.


ORDI’s recent price increase is a testament to the growing bullish sentiment and strong market fundamentals backing the token. With positive weighted sentiment, favorable funding rates, and robust technical indicators, ORDI seems poised for further gains. Investors and traders should keep an eye on this cryptocurrency as it continues to navigate through promising upward trends.

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