PEPE Forecasted as the Top Memecoin Following Market Correction: Flow Horse Analysis

  • The cryptocurrency market is showing signs of recovery after a recent correction.
  • Currently, the overall market capitalization has dropped from $2.75 trillion at the beginning of the month to $2.38 trillion, according to CoinGecko.
  • An analyst known as Flow Horse anticipates a reversal in market trends and significant rebounds in altcoin prices.

Crypto analyst sees a post-correction rally for altcoins, suggesting a major market rebound on the horizon. Stay informed with the latest insights into key memecoins and their potential growth.

Market Overview and Insights

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a significant correction, with its total value dropping sharply. Despite this downturn, Flow Horse, a well-known crypto analyst, predicts a positive shift in market dynamics. The overall market capitalization, as tracked by CoinGecko, highlighted a decrease from $2.75 trillion to $2.38 trillion over the past month.

Potential for Altcoin Rebound

Flow Horse contends that several altcoins are poised for a significant rebound. “Excluding Bitcoin, some altcoins could stage a strong return to their average prices,” he stated. Despite the downturn, he remains optimistic about the potential for price recovery in the altcoin market.

Analyst’s Take on Specific Memecoins

Discussing particular memecoins, Flow Horse shared his views on Dogwifhat (WIF) and Pepe (PEPE). He expressed skepticism about WIF, noting its substantial decline compared to both Solana and Bitcoin performance metrics. “Memecoins aren’t dead, but whether WIF will lead the pack is uncertain. WIF’s decline has been more severe than Solana’s fall from its peak,” he observed.

Investment Strategy and Outlook

Despite his reservations, Flow Horse admits he would still prefer to be a buyer rather than a seller. CoinGecko data shows WIF trading at $2, and Flow Horse believes a further drop to $1 is unlikely. For the memecoin market, he identifies PEPE as the most promising option. PEPE has seen a more than 5% increase in its price over the past 24 hours, indicating potential growth opportunities.


In conclusion, while the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a notable correction, the forecast suggests a potential rebound, particularly for altcoins. Analysts like Flow Horse are closely monitoring trends, offering insights and strategies that might benefit investors. Keeping emotions in check and focusing on market data are key takeaways for navigating the market’s volatility.

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