Polkadot (DOT) Price Analysis: Potential Bullish Retracement Before Resuming Bearish Trend

  • Polkadot’s price has recently exhibited a minor bullish retracement after breaching the lower trendline of its multi-month triangle pattern.
  • If this retracement completes successfully, it could result in a continuation of the current bearish trend.
  • A potential key support level around $5 may serve as the next focus point for Polkadot’s price action.

Stay updated on Polkadot’s movements as it navigates critical support and resistance levels, impacting future trends.

Technical Insights Into Polkadot’s Price Action

An in-depth analysis reveals a recent turnaround in Polkadot’s price, with the digital asset staging a slight bullish advance towards the previously broken lower trendline of its extended triangle pattern.

Daily Chart Review

The daily chart for Polkadot showcases a slight price reversal, characterized by a bullish retracement towards the breached lower boundary of its multi-month triangle formation. This positive movement stems from increased market demand near $5.4 and waning bearish pressure. The price now aims to complete its pullback to the disrupted trendline.

If this pullback solidifies, and bearish momentum regains, Polkadot might extend its bearish trend with potential sights set on the critical $5 support level. Alternatively, the broader picture positions Polkadot’s price within a critical range, demarcated by $6 resistance and $5 support, awaiting a breakout to determine the subsequent significant movement.

4-Hour Chart Analysis

In the 4-hour timeframe, Polkadot’s price dynamics indicate a possible bullish resurgence, evidenced by a significant upturn following multiple supports near the $5.4 level. This activity resulted in a breakout above the short-term descending channel, suggesting a temporary bullish phase. Presently, Polkadot’s price hovers within a pivotal range, with notable support at $5.5 and resistance at $6.2.

Considering the current bullish divergence between the price and RSI on the 4-hour chart, Polkadot may target the $6.2 resistance range in the near term. Monitoring price activity at this level will be vital to forecast the future direction of the cryptocurrency.

Sentiment and Market Dynamics

Polkadot has recently experienced an increased demand, drawing closer to the critical $6 mark. Evaluating the supply data near this level is essential for traders to make informed decisions.

The corresponding chart presents potential liquidation points within Polkadot’s price movement, pinpointing strategic areas of interest for significant market players. A substantial amount of liquidity is observed above the key $6 resistance, aligning with the lower bound of the triangle. This area is likely to act as a robust resistance, validating the retracement. Hence, if sellers outpace buyers at this juncture, a new bearish trend is anticipated for Polkadot in the mid-term.


Polkadot is navigating through pivotal technical levels, with its price action suggesting a possible continuation of its bearish trend if key supports do not hold. Traders should keep a close watch on the $6 resistance and $5 support levels to assess the next major movement direction. A breakout from this critical range is likely to determine Polkadot’s future trajectory in the cryptocurrency market.

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