Polychain Exposes Secret Eclipse Token Deal by Ex-Partner, Niraj Pant

  • The cryptocurrency market has been shaken by a recent scandal involving a key altcoin project.
  • It’s been revealed that former Polychain general partner Niraj Pant had engaged in a covert agreement with portfolio company Eclipse Labs.
  • Allegations suggest that Pant arranged for a substantial allocation of Eclipse tokens for himself, significantly affecting the project’s financial integrity.

A scandal involving a former Polychain partner and Eclipse Labs has caused turmoil in the crypto world. Discover the details of this secretive deal and its ramifications.

Polychain’s Internal Investigation Uncovers Hidden Agreement

Polychain Capital, a prominent cryptocurrency investment firm, recently uncovered a clandestine agreement during an internal audit. Former general partner Niraj Pant was found to have secured a hidden arrangement with Eclipse Labs, a company within Polychain’s investment portfolio.

Details of the Token Allocation Agreement

Sources indicate that Pant orchestrated a deal where he would receive 5% of Eclipse tokens through undisclosed channels. Initially valued at an approximate $13.3 million, this allocation was later reduced to 1.33%. This undisclosed agreement came to light through meticulous financial record examinations conducted by Polychain’s audit team.

Implications for Polychain’s Integrity and Investor Trust

The discovery of such a substantial gesture towards an internal individual without transparency raises serious questions. Reports clarified that Neel Somani, the then-CEO of Eclipse Labs, proposed the token deal to Niraj Pant as an incentive to secure Polychain’s financial backing for Eclipse Labs. Both parties failed to disclose the specifics of this arrangement to Polychain’s investors and limited partners, thus breaching policy and ethical standards.

Reactions Within the Crypto Community

Unsurprisingly, this revelation has sparked considerable debate and concern within the cryptocurrency sector. Stakeholders are scrutinizing the ethics and governance protocols of investment firms like Polychain. Such incidents underline the necessity for robust audit systems and transparent communications to maintain trust and integrity in the volatile crypto market.

Moving Forward: What This Means for Regulatory Practices

This incident highlights the ongoing challenges in regulating the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape. As transparency and accountability become focal points, investment firms must reinforce their internal controls to prevent similar breaches. Regulatory bodies may also probe deeper into ensuring these entities adhere to stringent standards, protecting investor interests.


The Niraj Pant and Eclipse Labs incident serve as a stark reminder of the need for stringent internal controls within financial investment entities. Polychain’s proactive discovery and response could set a precedent for stronger governance frameworks, potentially leading to more significant industry-wide regulatory measures. As the cryptocurrency sector continues to grow, maintaining transparency and ethical conduct remains crucial to fostering trust and long-term stability.

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