PORTUMA Token to Debut on Bitget Exchange, Revolutionizing P2E Gaming with Top-Tier Advertisers

  • Portuma’s native token, PORTUMA, will be listed on the Bitget exchange on June 21, 2024.
  • This listing symbolizes a major advancement in Portuma’s mission to revolutionize the gaming industry with blockchain technology.
  • “We’re excited to bring new opportunities to our gaming community with our Bitget exchange listing,” said Ozan Emrah Unal, CEO of Portuma.

Portuma’s native token, PORTUMA, is set to debut on Bitget, signaling a new era for blockchain gaming. Stay informed about this groundbreaking development.

Portuma’s Unique 5-Game Ecosystem Disrupts the P2E Market

Portuma has carved a niche in the P2E gaming market by offering a suite of five distinctive games available on both Apple and Google Play Stores. This pioneering ecosystem, featuring games such as Wonder Racer, Meta Car Simulator, Pro Car Parking Simulation, Bicycle Extreme Rider 3D, and Back Streets, is the first of its kind to integrate multiple games into a single P2E environment. Players can earn PORTUMA tokens by engaging with in-game advertisements, benefiting both themselves and advertisers like Burger King and L’Oréal.

Portuma Earns Certik KYC Gold Badge, Ensuring Trust and Security

Portuma’s attainment of the KYC Gold Badge from Certik represents a commitment to security and transparency. Certik’s rigorous verification process confirms the credibility of Portuma’s core team members, providing assurance to users that the platform is reliable and operates with integrity. This certification reduces the risk of fraud and demonstrates Portuma’s adherence to best practices in governance and compliance.

Recognition Among Top 10 Trusted Metaverse Projects

Portuma has also been acknowledged as one of the top 10 trusted metaverse projects by Certik, a testament to the platform’s robust security measures, operational transparency, and innovative ecosystem. This recognition highlights Portuma’s leadership in the blockchain gaming space and reassures stakeholders of the project’s commitment to delivering secure and forward-thinking solutions.

Focus on User Trust and Security

Portuma’s rigorous adherence to security standards has been validated by Certik’s evaluations, which highlight the platform’s dedication to user trust and safety. These certifications ensure a transparent and accountable gaming environment, where users can engage with confidence.

User-Centric Innovations

Portuma enhances the gaming experience with its in-game advertising model, allowing players to earn PORTUMA tokens for engaging with ads. These tokens have versatile uses within the Portuma ecosystem, offering additional rewards and incentives. For advertisers, the platform provides advanced analytics for targeted campaigns, underpinned by the transparency of blockchain technology.

Strategic Future Vision

Committed to pushing boundaries, Portuma is expanding its game portfolio and integrating technologies like AR and VR. Strategic partnerships with top game developers and industry leaders aim to bring more high-quality games and innovative mechanics to the platform. Portuma is also exploring synergies with other blockchain projects, broadening the utility of PORTUMA tokens and incorporating NFTs.

Join the Portuma Community

Portuma invites both players and advertisers to explore its groundbreaking platform. Discover more about Portuma’s games and marketplace, and join a vibrant community of passionate gamers at:

About Portuma

Portuma is leading the P2E gaming revolution by merging in-game advertising with blockchain technology, offering a unique and rewarding experience for all participants. With a diverse portfolio of games and a commitment to transparency and security, Portuma is redefining digital entertainment.


Ozan Emrah Unal, CEO
[email protected]

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