President Biden Vetoes Pro-Crypto Bill, Upholds SEC’s Stance on Bitcoin (BTC) Regulation

  • In a significant political and financial development, U.S. President Joe Biden vetoed a bipartisan resolution aimed at rolling back an SEC directive that critics argue discourages banks from offering crypto custody services.
  • This move underscores the ongoing tension between regulatory bodies and the burgeoning crypto industry, highlighting the complexities of integrating digital assets into traditional financial systems.
  • “This reversal of the considered judgment of SEC staff in this way risks undercutting the SEC’s broader authorities regarding accounting practices,” the White House stated, emphasizing the administration’s commitment to protecting consumers and investors.

President Biden’s veto of the bipartisan resolution on SEC’s crypto custody directive marks a pivotal moment in the regulatory landscape, reflecting the administration’s stance on digital asset regulation.

President Biden Vetoes Resolution to Roll Back SEC Crypto Custody Directive

In a decisive move, President Joe Biden has vetoed a bipartisan resolution that sought to overturn the SEC’s Staff Accounting Bulletin (SAB) 121. This bulletin has been a point of contention, with critics arguing that it discourages banks from offering crypto custody services. The veto highlights the administration’s firm stance on maintaining stringent regulatory oversight in the rapidly evolving crypto market.

Implications of the Veto on the Crypto Industry

The veto has significant implications for the crypto industry, particularly in how financial institutions engage with digital assets. The SEC’s SAB 121 sets forth guidelines that critics claim are overly restrictive, potentially stifling innovation and limiting the ability of banks to provide custody services for cryptocurrencies. By vetoing the resolution, President Biden has signaled a commitment to upholding robust regulatory frameworks, which he believes are essential for protecting consumers and maintaining market stability.

Bipartisan Support and Opposition

The resolution to overturn SAB 121 had garnered bipartisan support, passing the U.S. House of Representatives with a 228-182 vote and the Senate with a 60-38 vote. Despite this, President Biden’s veto underscores a broader debate within the government about the appropriate level of regulation for digital assets. The administration’s position is that limiting the SEC’s regulatory capabilities could lead to financial instability and market uncertainty.

Future of Crypto Regulation: The FIT21 Act

While President Biden has vetoed the resolution concerning SAB 121, he has expressed a willingness to work with Congress on a balanced regulatory framework for digital assets. This is reflected in the ongoing discussions around the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act (FIT21). The FIT21 Act aims to create a federal framework for the regulation of digital assets and has seen substantial bipartisan support. However, Biden has also expressed reservations about this legislation, indicating a cautious approach to crypto regulation.

Political Context and Broader Implications

The timing of the veto is notable, coming just a day after former President Donald Trump was convicted on multiple criminal counts. Trump, who is positioning himself as a pro-crypto candidate for the upcoming presidential election, has criticized the current administration’s regulatory stance. This political backdrop adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing debate over crypto regulation, as it becomes an increasingly significant issue in the political arena.


President Biden’s veto of the resolution to roll back the SEC’s crypto custody directive marks a critical juncture in the regulatory landscape for digital assets. By maintaining stringent oversight, the administration aims to protect consumers and ensure market stability. However, the debate over the appropriate level of regulation for cryptocurrencies is far from over, with significant implications for the future of the industry and the broader financial system.

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